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Cardinals-Orioles, March 13

FORT LAUDERDALE -- Albert Pujols is in the lineup today. He has a future in this game. Adam Eaton is making his Orioles debut. They need him to eat innings to save their precious young arms. He fits the bill, but won't have much Fantasy value.

-- Skip Schumaker is playing second base and leading off. Khalil Greene is playing shortstop. David Freese is on loan from minor league camp as the DH. He had already been sent out and ruled out of the mix to start at third. Colby Rasmus is hitting ninth and playing center. Catcher prospect Bryan D. Anderson is in the lineup, too.

-- Schumaker singled to center. Joe Thurston singled to right. Pujols RBI double. Frozen rope to left. Pujols never ceases to amaze.

-- Orioles have all but Nick Markakis, Melvin Mora and Cesar Izturis in their lineup. Matt Wieters is catching and Gregg Zaun is DHing. Wieters is hitting .409 but still hasn't done enough to win a job yet. I am still hopeful he can. Wieters threw a ball into center on a John Jay steal attempt. There was no advance, but Wieters missed by a wide margin.

-- Adam Jones, who told us early this spring he has designs on 30-40 steals (Why not? he says), stole second in the first inning. It wasn't close. He is 6-for-6 in steal attempts and now leads all of baseball in spring training. Beat writer says, "Spring training, pal." I responded: "Hey, you have to show it now to do it then. You practice how you play." I am upgrading Jones' projected steals from 12 to 20. I won't be surprised to see myself to upgrade it to 25 sooner than later.

-- SS Greene came up against left-hander Jamie Walker in the fourth with a runner on. Emack says to beat writer: "I am going to predict a homer to left here." Crack! Emack: "I am a Xod-XXmned genius, Gump." Beat writer: "Good call."

Greene has serious power potential for a shortstop and I wouldn't mind him being my Fantasy shortstop in any league this season. Wait on the position and take Greene. La Russa has a way of getting the best out of his guys. Ryan Ludwick, anyone? Greene is his next project. So far, so brilliant.

-- Chris Perez pitched the ninth, but he certainly didn't impress in his bid to close. He served up a walk, RBI double and RBI single, nearly blowing a three-run lead. He clearly has work to do. Those O's bats of Adam Donachie, Justin Turner and Lou Montanez were not really much of a challenge.

-- I am picking up John Mayberry in the NL-only analysts league tonight. He has proving to be a diamond in the rough. That is a great ballpark for him to get his feet wet as a reserve. The son of the former Royal, Mayberry can earn at-bats and with someone like Werth starting there -- and never having been a full-season regular before -- Mayberry could get more at-bats than you might think. Hopefully no one in my league reads this message. If they do and pick him up, I will laugh uncontrollably at them for not being independent thinkers. I never read their stories. :-) Seriously, I would take it as a compliment if they scoop him up on me.



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Orioles-Twins on Wednesday, March 11

FORT LAUDERDALE -- I miss the Twins near no-hitter Sunday with Francisco Liriano and finally make it back to a ballgame. It's David Pauley vs. Glen Perkins, Nick Blackburn and Joe Nathan.

-- Denard Span can really, really run. He isn't Carlos Gomez fast, but who is?

-- Joe Crede and his chronic bad back sat on a bus for the two-plus hour drive from Fort Myers. That is a great sign for his health. Blackburn and Cuddyer also made the trip coming off injuries.

-- Adam Jones made a sweet lunging grab in the first to turn a double play. He really might win a Gold Glove this season. Maybe he will even live up to his 30-40 steals prediction. You can't put anything past someone with that talent -- although I still have a hunch his numbers are going to be a few years away.

-- Pauley looks like a Triple-A starter. He won't win a rotation spot. He get abused in the first inning. Alexi Casilla and Cuddyer gapped him.

-- Carlos Gomez, batting ninth with Span leading off, is a strong, strong man. We know about the speed, but Gomez is going to be a big-time hitter in the near future. He lined a double to the warning track in left-center, the ball hardly getting off the ground and splitting the air all the way to the fence. He only got a double. If you understand his speed, you know it takes a shot in the gap for him to only pull up for a double. He hit it too hard almost.

Gomez walked in his next at-bats -- great news. He was caught stealing 1-3-6 on a pick-off attempt -- not great news. He did almost outrun the throw from first to second, though.

-- Crede ripped a single down the left field line. He really doesn't run well at all. It might be a function of his back -- of just the fact that he is Dave Magadan out of the box.

-- Nathan blew Wieters away quickly with one out and a man on third. You gotta put the ball in play there. Granted, that is an elite closer, but it is a sign Wieters might not be ready to go out of spring training. I am becoming convinced he could use time in Triple-A myself... and I generally complain when teams block their elite prospects.



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Marlins at Orioles

FORT LAUDERDALE -- It's the Marlins as the away team in South Florida, facing the O's:

-- Dallas McPherson is here. I really want to know why the Marlins don't consider giving him a starting job. He hit 42 bombs last year. Instead the Marlins are keeping butcher Jorge Cantu at third and starting Gaby Sanchez at first, perhaps. The Marlins do say Emilio Bonifacio, a contact-hitting burner, could play third. The Marlins have power, they say, but want less strikeouts, better defense and more athleticism.

-- Radhames Liz got the start for the O's. He has a great arm, but I don't think he stands a chance to make the O's rotation right now. He might wind up in the bullpen -- perhaps for good.

-- Andrew Miller today for the Marlins -- a chance to check out his new arm slot that is supposed to fix his control and command issues. First delivery, juuuuuust a bit outside. Ryan P. Freel walked. Later in the first... Scott Moore took one off the temple. Um, interesting.

-- Freel stole third off Miller, who didn't pay any attention to him. Freel can swipe 20-plus bases as a reserve for AL-only Rotisserie owners. He will be versatile, too.

-- Matt Wieters is hitting right-handed today. I think he is going to be awesome from the left side and more-like serviceable from the right side. Wieters blooped a single to right.


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Transcribed quotes from the Dominican team

FORT LAUDERDALE -- I figured you might be interested in some of the quotes I transcribed from my recorder Wednesday when Team Dominicana was here.

Miguel Tejada

"I am enjoying to be with the Orioles here. I am a free agent this year so you never know. I (will) maybe come back."


David Ortiz

On A-Rod's possible return to play in the WBC after a hip check:

"That's answer the manager can give you better than myself, but hopefully he can get back."

Is this Dominican team better than the last one?

"We'll see. We are just playing exhibition games right now. The statistics will tell you about how good this team was compared to the one in the last WBC."

On his health this spring:

"I feel good. My hand feels good. And my shoulder feels good, too."

On playing through injury last year: 

"It's a little crazy. The only good memory I have of that is I have a lot of my teammates calling me in the offseason and telling me, 'Hey, thank you for not turning your back on us and stand up out there not being 100 percent.' That's one thing you'll never forget."

On why he wanted to play at less than 100 percent and risk criticism:

"We trade Manny and when you have that 1-2 punch out of the lineup, it's easier for the opposite team. I know that I was going to have a tough time because I wasn't right but I guess my presence in the lineup was something the pitcher had to think about even if I was not 100 percent."

On the Red Sox without Manny: 

"We have a lot of guys with experience. Hopefully everybody stay healthy and hopefully everybody have a good season."

On his current WBC team: 

"I think we have really good pitching. We got guys capable to pitch. We have guys with experience. We got guys that they are doing it right now in their prime. You just kind of hope everything goes good. Nobody gets injured. And then we can put up a good show."

Who would he start a team with, A-Rod, Hanley or Reyes: 

"They are all totally different players. It sort of depends what I need. If I need somebody to steal bases, I am going to go with Reyes. If I need somebody to go deep and then I got to think about Hanley ... and A-Rod. They have totally different games and they are great players. I am happy just to have them around."

On playing first base, so Hanley Ramirez can DH and Reyes can play shortstop: 

"I haven't played first base in a long time. It's not as easy as it looks, but that's what you do for your country."

On risking embarrassment playing first base in the WBC: 

"People know you're not out there every day. People know you're definitely going to try your best. And people know the only time I play first base is the World Series, which is worse (pressure)."



Dominican manager Felipe Alou

Who would he start a team with, A-Rod, Hanley or Reyes: 

"I wanna hear the question because I am going to talk about a Dominican player. I can pick Albert Pujols. I say I could pick Albert Pujols as the answer to the question. Any one of those guys I will pick and I know that I have a special ballplayer. I would try hard to get those four guys on my team." 


Buck Martinez

Who would he start a team with: 

I am kind of partial because a lot revolves around the shortstop and the catcher. But you look at Reyes and you look at Hanley Ramirez, two guys that can do so many things to win a game for you. It would be hard not to include them, especially Reyes with his speed, his power, his switch-hitting ability and the defensive skills. It would be hard to discount the importance of having him on your team. Another guy I would consider and I think is going to be an impact player is Geovany Soto. An offensive player behind the plate. Leadership skills and all that. These are the types of positions you don't find every day that combine offense, speed, defense and leadership. Soto has got that and is going to get better. Reyes has it as well and I'm certainly not discounting Pujols or A-Rod or even Hanley Ramirez because they are all very talented but at the same time you got to make a decision to pick one."

On managing a star team with all those egos:

"The players first and foremost they are wanting to get ready for their championship season, so I believe they all have to have an opportunity to get at-bats. The second thing is you want to win. These guys know what you're here for. Like Moises Alou just said, I can't even crack the lineup and there's a guy that has had a tremendous major league career. It is a very talented team, but in a short tournament it is all about pitching. They have Cueto and Volquez, Pedro Martinez and Ubaldo Jimenez that's pretty impressive. I think this Dominican team has a chance to go a long way in this series and certainly in this championship." 


Felipe Alou

After the game on Pedro Martinez:

"It is amazing to me for a guy that hasn't pitched in a real game for so long can come back and be in the strike zone. Some of the fastballs were good. Some of the breaking balls were good."


Pedro Martinez

On his outing Wednesday:

"I am still a little bit off with the pitches and getting the feel of the game, but as far as health, it was great. I feel great. I feel really, really good. Extremely good. For the first time out in a real, real game, I will take it as a plus day."


On showing MLB teams he is still it and is worth signing:

"I wouldn't say I still got it without proving it. I am going to go out there every day and try to improve and try to do better every day. I hope that my health stays the same way, because so far it's perfect and I'm bouncing back from pitching from the throwing I'm doing really, really, extremely good. So today is a positive day for me."

On getting the loudest reaction from the crowd: 

"It fills me up with joy. I am really happy to see the appreciation people have of me, knowing how much I struggled in the last couple of years and they still have that passion for me."

On playing with David Ortiz again: 

"Right now we are a team and it's never going to change between me and Big Papi. Big Papi is still my brother as much as he is my teammate."


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Dominican Republic vs. the O's

FORT LAUDERDALE -- The Dominican Republic WBC team is here to play the Orioles today. They are stepping in for BP now.

A few observations from BP... Jose B. Reyes looks stronger. Hanley Ramirez is jacked up more, too. David Ortiz looks thinner, but he has tremendous swing. He gets his weight into every BP cut. He has tremendous weight transfer generating power.

I followed through on my goal to ask this simple question: "If you were to start a baseball team, who would you pick: Alex Rodriguez, Hanley Ramirez or Jose B. Reyes?

I got a lot of complex answers to the simple question and I will write it up in a column today. Basically, who should be the No. 1 pick in Fantasy Baseball?

So far, I have responses from: David Ortiz, DR manager Felipe Alou, ex-Team USA manager Buck Martinez and former Reds GM Wayne Krivsky, who is now a special assistant to the president of baseball operations Andy McPhail.

On the hill, it is Koji Uehara vs. Johnny Cueto ... Ironically, it was Uehara who pitched Team Japan over the Dominican team in the semifinals of the last World Baseball Classic.

Big Papi just missed one off Uehara... looked like he got it on the end of the bat, pushing Nick Markakis to the edge of the warning track.

This is my first in-person look at Cueto....

Ouch. He is done in by a Tejada misplay at third base, scored a hit. Tejada was playing third because Alex Rodriguez was sent to Colorado. After the error with two outs, Aubrey Huff doubled and Ty Wigginton hit one onto the auxiliary field for a three-run homer.

Uehara ripped right through the Dominican lineup that featured: Willy Taveras, Jose A. Bautista, Hanley, Big Papi, Tejada, Jose Guillen, Willy Aybar and Nelson Cruz. Miguel Olivo is the catcher, hitting ninth.

When Reyes is in the lineup, he hits No. 1 or 2 and A-Rod hits three or four. Reyes plays short, Hanley will DH and Ortiz will play first base.

Pedro Martinez is warming up in the bullpen, classic. How strong is this team? Wow.


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Orioles-Red Sox, March 2

FORT LAUDERDALE -- The Red Sox make one of their two visits. It's Bradley Bergesen vs. Justin Masterson -- a pitching prospect delight. Here are a few random observations:

-- Bradley Bergesen is earning a significant look at a rotation spot. The arrival of Adam Eaton hurts him some, but if a pitching prospect can make the rotation, it will be Bergesen.

Bergesen tossed up three zeroes, but it was a Red Sox lineup that had only Jacoby Ellsbury in it. Lars Anderson was here. A nice slugging prospect that Baseball America says can arrive later this year. Anderson ripped a gapper to right-center off Bergesen.

-- Justin Masterson is a strong man -- with a real nasty arm slot, a right-handed Randy Johnson. Masterson was hit a little harder in the second inning as Ty Wigginton and Luke Scott both made good contact on drives to the outfield. The shots were caught, though.

Masterson is going to be a big winner in this league. If Brad Penny cannot make the No. 5 starter's spot, it will come down to Masterson or Clay Buchholz in the rotation to start the season. John Smoltz (shoulder) won't arrive from the DL until late May. Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, Daisuke Matsuzaka and Tim Wakefield are the other four starters.

Since Penny is a bit behind right now, Masterson has a shot. The addition of Ramon Ramirez and Takashi Saito make it more possible Masterson won't be needed in the bullpen.

-- Joe Angel, the Orioles play-by-play radio announcer, was in the lunch line in front of me. The attendant asked, "Does anyone remember you were OJ Simpson's high school quarterback?" ... He responded: "No, and I try to forget as well."

Angel is best-known for his and the Marlins "are in the win column." ... Also, he famously has the home run call "Hasta la vista pelota!" ... Translation: See you later, ball.



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Orioles-Cardinals, Feb. 26

FORT LAUDERDALE -- The Cardinals make their first stop here and the Orioles play more of their regulars in Game 2:

-- Danys Baez is back from Tommy John surgery. You have to figure a rotation spot is his if he proves healthy. So far so good. Baez is nothing more than a deeper AL-only option because the Orioles are a non-contender in the AL Beast.

-- Baez struggled through one inning, walking three and allowing a two-run double to Yadier Molina.

-- Joe Mather of the Cardinals was playing third. That is interesting with the crowd in the outfield and the loss of Troy Glaus for the start of the season. David Freese is supposed to start opening day, but if Mather can prove capable defensively, he is a nice sleeper in deeper formats. Outfield and third base eligibility will help his case.

-- Mather made a show-stopping grab and throw to rob Nick Markakis of a double. Later, he did drop a relay from right that would have nailed the runner at third.

-- Colby Rasmus must have the same stylist as Chase Utley. He rocks the slicked-back doo. He has swagger. Swing. And speed. He just stole second without a throw. He is a big-time sleeper in deeper formats, especially if he makes the team as a starter in that crowded outfield.

-- Kyle Lohse cruised through one inning, but he was beat up on two-run homers by Triple-A leadoff man Justin Christian and mashing prospect Nolan Reimold. Felix Pie and Ryan Freel might share at-bats in left field to start the season, but Reimold will be a starter before the end of the season.

There is legit power in Reimold's bat. He could be a 25-30 homer guy annually. He will be an impact player in deeper formats come September, perhaps even August.

-- A two-run bloop single for Reimold. He is wearing No. 60... that is the number Markakis wore when he surprised everyone and made the team out of spring training a few years ago. Reimold would be my opening day left fielder over Pie or Freel. We haven't seen Pie yet because he showed late with a visa problem.

-- Markakis slashed a double to right and legged it out. The Orioles want him to run more on the bases. Markakis is a little tentative, but he has the speed to be a 20-steal guy to go with his 25-30 homers.

-- Chris Perez came on for the Cardinals. I wanted to annoint him the closer, but he didn't really impress. Luis Montanez gapped a double off him and Aubrey Huff hit a ball that would have been a homer to right-center if the wind wasn't blowing in. He looks like a closer with that Mitch Williams-like hair.

-- Another Tommy John returnee debuts for the O's, former closer -- future closer -- Chris Ray. He didn't have an easy task against Rasmus, Ryan Ludwick and Chris Duncan, there decent bats in the middle innings of an early spring game. Ray retired Rasmus and Ludwick on lazy pops, Duncan (a lefty) struck out swinging. I am going to see what he has to say today. I might also try to catch Rasmus and Ludwick.

"It felt good to get out there in a big league game, especially when you get three outs like that, it's a good feeling," Ray said. "It's a good feeling to get anybody out at this point."

Ray said his elbow feels great and he doesn't need even need ice at this point.

"I just love the bullpen," Ray said of not returning as the O's closer. "Whevere he has me throwing, whether it's the ninth or the seventh."

What about being a closer later this season.

"Hopefully everybody in the bullpen has got a zero, we're winning games and everything stays the same," he said.

We don't buy it. Once a closer, always a closer, mentally. He wants to get back to that role.

"I want guys to make it tough for me," manager Dave Trembley said. "(Ray) left with a smile on his face. That's really important. You got to tip your cap to the guy. He has worked very hard to get to this point. We're glad to have him back."

-- Matt Albers, coming off shoulder surgery, made it through his spring debut smoothly, too. "It still takes me a little longer than I'd like to get ready," he said. "Now in the starting rotation I have a lot more time to get loose and really ready. Once I get loose now, everything feels real good. I'm thrown into the rotation (mix), which would be nice and probably help my shoulder out. Obviously, I have to prove my way into the rotation."

-- Cardinals pitching prospect Jess Todd was rapped around a little. I am going to assume already, he is no candidate to make the team. The prospect has potential, but that potential will have to be proven in Triple-A first.

-- 2008 No. 1 pick Brett Wallace came into the game later as the DH. He looks like a slightly smaller version of Prince Fielder. He is a portly fellow. Good thing the MLB draft doesn't have a combine, because he can hit but he might not have graded that highly in athleticism.

-- Jon Jay looked a lot more athletic and prospect-like. It is too crowded in the St. Louis outfield right now, but he could have a chance to help as a reserve down the road.

-- On Christian: "He came to me and told me he was my sleeper," Trembley said.


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Spring training opener

FORT LAUDERDALE -- The Orioles open the spring season against the Mets, Wednesday, Feb. 25. A few random observations:

-- Luis Castillo is leading off. Forget the talk the Mets will do that with him during the season, moving Jose B. Reyes to the third spot. It is ridiculous talk. Think about it: If you are the Mets -- a three-time choker down the stretch -- what story do you want the mass media to write on Day 1 of full-squad workouts? The choker story? Or one about one of the best leadoff men in baseball hitting third? A stroke of genius by Jerry Manuel. In fact, Lou Piniella did the same thing with the choking Cubs. Hey, welcome back to baseball, Cubbies. Oh, and by the way, Alfonso Soriano might hit third. It sure took the emphasis off the end of the previous season, right?

-- Brad Hennessey, former Giants starter/reliever, started for the Orioles. He is a candidate for the rotation and his veteran status gives him a chance. I would hardly touch him in deeper AL-only leagues, though.

-- There's the first pitch... strike one. Baseball season is under way.

... oh, and another weak groundout for No. 8 hitter Castillo.

-- Daniel Murphy, hitting No. 2, drew a walk. He has a well-documented, sound approach at the plate. He has sleeper written all over him. Look at his high Class A numbers and compare them to that of David Wright. Now, Murphy doesn't have superstar stature in the future, but there are signs of a possible hidden diamond in the rough.

-- Angel Pagan hit third. He singled. Remember that guy? He is one of the stars of last spring before a shoulder injury ended his season early. He looks much thicker, less built to run. It looks like he will need another great spring to make the team, but it is hard to see that happening. I wouldn't touch him even in deep NL-only leagues right now.

-- Ryan Freel led off against Mets reliever Sean Green -- acquired in the J.J. Putz deal. Freel is going to be a platoon outfielder and super utility man. It makes him intriguing in AL-only Rotisserie formats. Freel did his thing, beating out an infield hit. He stole second and scored on the next pitch on a single to center by Ty Wigginton. Freel and Wiggy are going to be two great bench players for the O's and deeper AL-only leagues this season. Freel can steal 20-plus bases for Rotisserie owners. Wiggy can hit 15-plus bombs. Both should get 400 at-bats, starting about half of the team's games.

-- Green left in the middle of the first with a blister problem. Lefty specialist Pedro Feliciano replaced him in the first and pitched the second.

-- There was a Fernando Martinez sighting. He was hitting ninth as the DH, dealing with a sore elbow from winter ball. He struck out with the bases loaded on a ball in the dirt by lefty Chris Waters. It's telling. F-Mart needs more of a Murphy approach at the plate, quit swinging at junk, and he needs to hit lefties better. He solves those two problems, he could be an impact player for the Mets and deeper Fantasy leagues by the end of 2009 at the age of 20.

-- Luis Castillo can't get out of his own way. He singled home two runs with the bases loaded, slashing one to right between second and first. He then proceded to get picked off first on the play as right fielder Luis Montanez hit the cutoff man.

-- OK, Pagan beat out and infield hit. He can still move, even though he looks thicker in his bottom half. Last year, he was a bit more wiry and sprinter-like. Strength helps, too, I guess.

-- Ryan Church, he of the multiple concussions, goosed one to center for a double, scoring Pagan. That ball was ripped. Church can really smoke it when he is healthy. Remember, he was one of the Mets MVPs before Yunel Escobar kneed him in the head, costing him much of the summer and ruining his breakthrough season. That swing drew a quick, loud crowd reaction as it soared over Adam Jones' head. That was a mean drive. Church just might be back. I will try to catch up with him later.

-- A day after saying he would "steal 30-40 bases, why not?" -- Jones stole a base in his first attempt in spring training. He made it without a throw. It takes more than athletic ability to steal bases. It takes timing and knowledge of the pitchers and catchers. Jones had the timing part down perfectly. We don't see his optimistic numbers, but 20 is apparently possible. Look at Nick Markakis' jump from Year 1 (2) to Year 2 (18). Jones could go from 10 to 20. If you add his added muscle and increased power potential, Jones is a big-time sleeper in all formats, especially Rotisserie leagues. Jones looked real good scoring from second on an RBI single to left.

-- Two sharp singles to left by Nick Evans. He is a nice consolation in NL-only leagues if you miss out on Murphy, but we think Evans begins the year in Triple-A. He should be up at some point and he has a chance to serve as the right-handed portion of a platoon with Church or Murphy.

-- Jones, by the way, said gold glove for him this year, taking one from Torii Hunter. He put his glove where his mouth is, diving for a bloop off Jose Valentin's bat. That was a nice play. Dangerous for Game 1 of spring training, but a nice play.

-- Fernando Martinez... hard single to right. Don't throw that 20-year-old fastballs. He can rip.

-- Oh, that Luis Castllo fellow... two-run double over the head of Luke Scott in left -- opposite field off the righty. That's four RBI. And that's why Mr. Scott will be the primary DH this season. He played that one like someone on my slow-pitch softball team. We give up doubles and triples like they are candy on Halloween.

The postgame quotebook:

Luis Castillo: "I've got to get off to a good start. I know they want me to get off to a good start."

Mets manager Jerry Manuel on Luis Castillo: "That is exactly what Luis needed. We talked about getting him off to a good start. That was appropriate for him."

Manuel on motivating Castillo and Ryan Church coming into spring: "I should challenge other folks, now, too. It is exactly what you wanted to see from them."

O's manager Dave Trembley on catalyst Ryan Freel's head-first style: "It will be hard to control Ryan Freel."

Ryan Church on his concussion issues: "There were no affects today and there haven't been (this spring)."


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