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Posted on: April 30, 2009 12:39 pm

Video notes for the pitching planner

-- The top three ranked players in Rotisserie rankings through Wednesday on CBSSports.com are Zack Greinke, Dan Haren and Johan Santana... Chad Billingsley is No. 5 and Yovani Gallardo is No. 7. Emack, I thought you said pitching isn't as important as hitting in Roto?!
-- The Tigers are having a revival this year. Even Justin Verlander pitched well his last time out.
-- Street closing again already? Emack, you're a genius!

Change of the week:
Phil Hughes for Chien-Ming Wang. We could have gone with Street again, but Hughes was just so darn dominant, he could cause more changes for the Yankees... which are...

Must-start two-start pitcher
Francisco Liriano MIN (0-4, 6.04)
(05/04) @ DET Edwin Jackson
(05/09) vs. SEA Felix Hernandez
95 percent owned 60 percent starting

Must-sit two-start pitcher
Paul Maholm PIT
(05/04) vs. MIL Yovani Gallardo
(05/09) @ NYM Livan Hernandez
80 percent owned 56 percent starting

Two-start sleepers
Sean Marshall CHC
(05/05) vs. SF Jonathan O. Sanchez
(05/10) @ MIL Jeff Suppan
42 percent owned 27 percent starting

Doug Davis ARI
(05/04) @ LA Eric Stults
(05/09) vs. WAS Scott Olsen
33 percent owned 20 percent starting


Posted on: April 23, 2009 12:01 pm

Video notes for the Pitching Planner

Pitching planner topics...

1. Pirates starting pitchers ... Paul Maholm, Zach Duke and Ian Snell.

2. Burgeoning aces John Danks, Zack Greinke and Josh Johnson

3. Struggling aces CC Sabathia, Tim Lincecum, Cole Hamels, Francisco Liriano and Justin Verlander


Must-start, two-start pitcher (owned in over 50 percent of leagues)

Brad Penny BOS (owned in over 50 percent of leagues)

(04/28) @ CLE Anthony Reyes

(05/03) @ TB James Shields

70 percent owned 35 percent starting


Must-sit, two-start pitcher (owned in at least 75 percent of leagues)

Chien-Ming Wang NYY

(04/28) @ DET Edwin Jackson

(05/03) vs. ANA TBD

78 percent owned 21 percent starting


Must-sit, two-start pitcher (owned in at least 75 percent of leagues)

John Maine NYM

(04/27) vs. FLA Ricky Nolasco 

(05/02) @ PHI Jamie Moyer

83 percent owned 47 percent starting


Two-start sleepers (owned in less than 50 percent of leagues)

Tim Wakefield BOS

(04/27) @ CLE Cliff Lee

(05/02) @ TB Jeff Niemann

33 percent owned 23 percent starting


Joel Pineiro STL

(04/27) @ ATL Jair Jurrjens

(05/02) @ WAS Shairon Martis

14 percent owned 9 percent starting


Brian Bannister KC

(04/27) vs. TOR David Purcey

(05/02) @ MIN Glen Perkins

8 percent owned 4 percent starting


Barry Zito SF

(04/27) vs. LA Randy Wolf

(05/03) vs. COL Jason Hammel

22 percent owned 6 percent starting



Posted on: August 6, 2008 6:18 pm

Video notes for Pitching Planner

Video notes for the Week 20 Pitching Planner
-- Joba Chamberlain to the DL ... Ian Kennedy up ... what are the Yankees to do to get back in the race? Phil Hughes, Carl Pavano????
-- John Maine was Joba a week ago ... can we trust him in Fantasy Week 20 (Aug. 11-17)? Jonathan Niese? El Duque? Bueller?
-- Also with the Mets... what are they going to do at closer?
-- Gio Gonzalez, Anthony Reyes, Jeff Karstens, Chris Waters ... can we trust these guys?

Must-start, two-start pitcher
Justin Verlander DET
(08/11) vs. TOR Shaun Marcum
(08/16) vs. BAL Chris Waters
97 percent owned 75 percent starting

A two-start pitcher to sit
Shaun Marcum TOR
(08/11) @ DET Justin Verlander
(08/16) @ BOS Josh Beckett
86 percent owned 43 percent starting

Two-start pitching sleepers
Anibal Sanchez FLA
(08/11) vs. STL Joel Pineiro 
(08/16) vs. CHC Ryan Dempster
50 percent owned 29 percent starting

Jeff Karstens PIT
(08/12) vs. CIN Homer Bailey 
(08/17) vs. NYM Johan Santana
6 percent owned 4 percent starting


Posted on: June 11, 2008 9:03 pm

Video notes for the Pitching Planner

An outline of the topics for the Week 12 Pitching Planner video:

-- More injury woes for the Braves as Tom Glavine hits the DL and Jair Jurrjens tweaks his ankle ... Charlie Morton gets the call.
-- Dice-K is working his way back, what is the timetable and the status of Justin Masterson
-- Brandon Morrow earned his first save in place of J.J. Putz (elbow). Putz has struggled, can Morrow take over?
-- Jeremy Bonderman and Jake Westbrook are out for the year, is there value in their replacements?

Must-start, two-start pitcher
Justin Verlander DET
(06/16) @ SF Tim Lincecum
(06/22) @ SD Randy Wolf 
96 perecent owned 75 percent starting

Sit, two-start pitcher
Bartolo Colon BOS
(06/16) @ PHI Cole Hamels
(06/22) vs. STL Braden Looper
84 percent owned 60 percent starting

Two-start sleepers
Andrew Miller FLA
(06/16) @ SEA Carlos Silva 
(06/22) @ OAK Justin Duchscherer
50 percent owned 23 percent starting

Mike Pelfrey NYM
(06/16) @ ANA Jered Weaver
(06/22) @ COL Greg Reynolds
16 percent owned 7 percent starting


Posted on: May 27, 2008 5:04 pm

All-Bust Team: The pitchers

Last week, we outlined the 1/4-pole All-Bust Team: Hitters. Now for the pitchers. Fantasy history has taught all of us the risk you assume with pitchers, so many of the names on this list you likely took too soon anyway. It is quite a star-studded rotation:

We are going to list these in order of their Average Draft Position:

SP -- Johan Santana, NYM

Sure, he hasn't been bad yet, but he was drafted No. 8 overall on average -- in Rotisserie leagues, no less! He is not even in the top 20 in scoring in Head-to-Head points leagues right now ... among starting pitchers! Going to the NL and an assumed contender in New York was supposed to make him a 20-game winner. His stuff looks average right now and he has given up his career-high in hits allowed in each of his past two starts (10 and 12). Most of his disappointing Fantasy point totals are due to the listless Mets supporting cast, though. They haven't held his leads or scored many runs for him. Santana is notoriously a slow starter and tends to soar in the summer months. We don't see it coming right now, but perhaps your trade partner doesn't either -- buy low if the price is right.

SP -- Jake Peavy, SD

If Santana is a bust, Peavy has to be considered one, too -- although Peavy has a better excuse. He is not healthy and the Padres are completely terrible in every facet of the game right now. Peavy owners don't care, though, they wanted numbers when they drafted him 17th overall on average. After missing two weeks, Peavy is barely in the top 30 of his own position.

SP -- Justin Verlander, DET

Drafted, on average, No. 5 among starting pitchers this spring, Verlander has been a bust for a Tigers offense that still has scored among the top 10 teams in baseball. He has been a particularly painful start in leagues that penalize losses. As bad as he has been, he has the most promise to have a huge next four months. He should be better than Peavy (still hurt) and Santana (he ain't what he used to be). If you are looking for a buy-low candidate, Verlander makes a better one than Santana or Peavy, because the Tigers should get hot this summer and reel off some serious winning streaks.

SP -- Erik Bedard, SEA

The Mariners stink. Granted we overrated them and Bedard, but unlike that Mickey Mouse organization, we were not idiotic enough to rank Bedard as the No. 2 overall Fantasy pitcher this spring. I still don't understand why Scott E. White likes those guys so much.

SP -- Brett Myers, PHI

Myers won on April 22, despite allowing six earned runs and 11 hits in seven innings. He hasn't won since, losing his past four starts and falling to 2-6 on the season. Unlike the arms above -- assuming Peavy gets healthy -- he is not even a certainty to remain in the rotation. He has had issues with velocity and shoulder strength after spending last year in the bullpen. This spring, he admitted he would prefer to be a closer, but Brad Lidge has that role covered more than effeciently. We still like Myers to reel off 12-15 victories before the season is done, but he and the Phillies will really have to get hot for that to happen.

RP -- Joba Chamberlain, NYY

Before you Joba owners go crazy, realize you drafted him in the middle of the closers and starters on Draft Day and haven't gotten much out of him to date, if anything. Yes, Chamberlain is headed for the rotation and will be the best rookie pitcher in Fantasy once he reaches the rotation, but this is about production from opening day until the 1/4-pole. In that time span, Chamberlain was the most over-owned player in all of Fantasy.

CL -- J.J. Putz, SEA

Putz was drafted as the No. 3 closer in Fantasy, on average, this spring, but his scoring doesn't place him in the top 30 of relief pitchers. He was supposed to be ready to enter the Jon Papelbon and Francisco Rodriguez area of elite. Instead, an injury-riddled spring and then a DL stint in April are partially to blame -- and so is the listless Mariners, who are not winning any games, much less close ones with save situations. Three blown saves in eight attempts certainly makes matters worse. The Mariners can get hot, but they don't figure to be any kind of a consistent winner here on out. We don't think Putz is even worth buying low on right now.

I am curious to hear who your top busts have been. You surely have a number of them with regard to pitchers. They always seem to disappoint. Remember that yet again on Draft Day 2009.


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