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Posted on: May 24, 2008 10:24 am

He comes, he Kershaw, he can conquer

My June 1 call-ups predictions apparently will add Kershaw to the right column. Kershaw reportedly will start Sunday. Click here.

Now, we just need to see Jay Bruce, Homer Bailey and Carlos Gonzalez. I might back-track on Gonzalez and replace his name with that of Chase Headley's now, though. Headley is more certain to arrive sooner rather than later.


Posted on: May 14, 2008 6:48 pm

Master of his domain

With the DL assignment of the struggling Clay Buchholz, the Red Sox need a No. 5 starter. Bartolo Colon won't be ready, so early next week it could be Justin Masterson coming back to the majors.

Masterson has struggled back in Double-A, but his one-start audition was very impressive. He was throwing frisbee sliders and earned himself the designation as the defacto No. 6 starter. Take a flier on Masterson in all deeper leagues.

Another prospect note on an elite pitching prospect: Clayton Kershaw's promotion might be delayed after his shaky start in Double-A on Monday. The Dodgers need a No. 5 starter Saturday, May 17, but then they can skip the No. 5 spot again until May 27.

So, May 27 is a more likely date of Kershaw's call-up at this point, according to MiLB.com.

Interesting May 27 ... in time for a two-start week and just before June 1 -- when we expect the next big wave of prospects to be called up.

Jay Bruce and Homer Bailey should also arrive before June 1 at this point.

-- Thomas Hanson was promoted to Double-A and dazzled again. He could make a serious impact with the rotation-needy Braves in the second half. Or even before?

-- A less prospect-heavy note: Mike Hessman has 17 homers in Triple-A. The minor league journeyman has pop and could help the Tigers in a pinch at some point soon.


Posted on: May 1, 2008 3:21 pm

An extension of the Prospect Report

I am biased, but the most important piece of content to consume every week -- outside of the pitching planner and daily roster trends and most-viewed players, of course  -- is the Prospect Report every Thursday.

If you followed that story, you would have had Max Scherzer on your roster right now and feeling real cool. This week we hype him and Adenhart as impact starting pitcher call-ups on top contenders, but you might want to know a few names I think have to be stashed weeks in advance.

The up arrows tend to outline them, but here are some names you will want to be more proactive on. We will call it the On the Verge we used to have in the report a year ago:

  1. Clayton Kershaw -- Was once a lead of our Prospect Report in Week 1, but he could be an even more impactful Scherzer-like arrival before the end of the month. Watch Esteban Loaiza closely.
  2. Homer Bailey and Jay Bruce -- Last week's lede. They are a package deal. Bailey comes and Bruce follows. Watch Matt Belisle and Corey Patterson very closely.
  3. Chris Volstad -- They should have gone to him instead of Burke Badenhop, but it's Volstad elite prospect status that actually held him back in that instance. They really want to be sure Volstad is ready. He looks like he could be.
  4. Adam Miller -- Started slow due to injury, but if he can get ready before Jake Westbrook returns in June, he could Jeremy Sowers Aaron Laffey. Jeremy Sowers is used as an adjective for stealing his rotation spot.
  5. Dallas McPherson -- 10 homers. Hello! He doesn't belong in Triple-A.
  6. Carlos Gonzalez -- A's rotation is doing great but that offense is punchless. Gonzalez is an answer for that.
  7. Chris Davis -- Masher is ready to assume the Rangers' everyday first baseman's role. Chris Shelton was called up in that role now, but Shelton will be out come June if he is not worthy. Davis has all-Fantasy league power potential -- albeit a tough position to crack in most Fantasy lineups. He could retain 3B eligibility in some leagues.
  8. Matt LaPorta -- Corner outfielder for a team that doesn't necessarily need one, but he is a masher from th 2007 draft who could be too good to ignore. Plus, he is on some kind of role right now. Stash in all deeper NL-only leagues where you have available reserve spots.
  9. Kyle Davies -- He is working on Brett Tomko's day and probably should have been in the Royals rotation out of spring training anyway.
  10. Radhames Liz -- Garrett Olson got the first look, but Liz has been hot after a slow start and should be watched closely in deeper AL-only formats for his potential to replace Steve Trachsel.

Good luck with your prospect fliers and remember the week-plus before June is a huge time for prospect movement.


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