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Posted on: April 5, 2009 4:38 pm

Official opening day DL assignments

I am still waiting to see some from NY Mets (likely 3, Wagner, Redding and Pagan), Toronto Blue Jays (likely 3, Marcum, McGowan and Janssen) and Texas Rangers (likely 4, Eyre, Hurley, Nippert and Benoit), but here are 60 players who should have DL status to start the season right now...

Escobar, Kelvim  ANA  SP  Shoulder
Santana, Ervin  ANA  SP  Elbow
Lackey, John   ANA   SP   Elbow 
Gordon, Tom  ARI  RP  Elbow
Glavine, Tom  ATL  SP  Elbow
Hudson, Tim  ATL  SP  Elbow
Morton, Charlie  ATL  SP  Oblique
Ross, David  ATL  C  Groin
Hill, Rich J.  BAL  SP  Elbow
Gonzalez, Miguel  BOS  RP  Elbow
Kotsay, Mark  BOS  CF  Back
Lugo, Julio  BOS  SS  Knee
Smoltz, John  BOS  SP  Shoulder
Van Every, Jonathan  BOS  CF  Ankle
Nix, Jayson  CHW  2B  Quadriceps
Dellucci, Dave  CLE  LF  Calf
Westbrook, Jake  CLE  SP  Elbow, hip
Buchholz, Taylor  COL  RP  Elbow
Francis, Jeff  COL  SP  Shoulder
Bonderman, Jeremy  DET  SP  Shoulder
Willis, Dontrelle  DET  SP  Anxiety disorder
Zumaya, Joel  DET  RP  Shoulder
Amezaga, Alfredo  FLA  CF  Knee
Proctor, Scott  FLA  RP  Elbow
VandenHurk, Rick  FLA  SP  Elbow
Backe, Brandon  HOU  SP  Oblique
Boone, Aaron  HOU  1B  Heart
Bale, John  KC  RP  Thyroid
Schmidt, Jason  LA  SP  Shoulder
Vargas, Claudio  LA  SP  Elbow
Young, Delwyn  LA  LF  Elbow
Hoffman, Trevor  MIL  RP  Oblique
Baker, Scott  MIN  SP  Shoulder
Bonser, Boof  MIN  SP  Shoulder
Mauer, Joe  MIN  C  Back
Neshek, Pat  MIN  RP  Elbow
Rodriguez, Alex  NYY  3B  Hip
Copeland, Ben  OAK  OF  Shoulder
Devine, Joey  OAK  RP  Elbow
Duchscherer, Justin  OAK  SP  Elbow
Zagurski, Mike  PHI  RP  Elbow
Dumatrait, Phil  PIT  SP  Shoulder
Adams, Mike M.  SD  RP  Shoulder
Baek, Cha Seung  SD  SP  Forearm
Worrell, Mark  SD  RP  Elbow
Feierabend, Ryan  SEA  SP  Elbow
Jimenez, Cesar  SEA  RP  Biceps
Suzuki, Ichiro  SEA  RF  Ulcer
Lowry, Noah  SF  SP  Shoulder, elbow
Romo, Sergio  SF  RP  Elbow
Garcia, Jaime  STL  RP  Elbow
Glaus, Troy  STL  3B  Shoulder
Bradford, Chad  TB  RP  Elbow
Isringhausen, Jason  TB  RP  Elbow
Perez, Fernando  TB  OF  Wrist
Upton, B.J.  TB  CF  Shoulder, hand
Chico, Matt  WAS  SP  Elbow
Hernandez, Anderson  WAS  2B  Hamstring
Young, Dmitri  WAS  1B  Hip, back
Young, Terrell  WAS  RP  Shoulder


Posted on: August 6, 2008 6:27 pm

Joba rules? Try Joba ruins

Joba Chamberlain ... with the notorious Joba Rules ... was babied in his progress from prospect to setup man to Yankees starter. A voice on SNY makes a good point: What does that say about the restrictions that were placed on him? They did it so they wouldn't hurt his young arm, but now his young arm is hurt. Go figure.

I am becoming more and more on the throw, throw, throw ... throw some more ... process in building big league arms. A shoulder needs to be conditioned to handle the 200-plus innings in the major leagues. You don't run a marathon after jogging a 5K race. You need to throw to stretch it out.

Sure, a lot of pitches early can shorten a pitcher's career, but how many pitchers have long careers nowadays anyway? Not many.

I say ride your young horses until they falter. Even if you baby them, then seem to get hurt and prove useless to you.

So, my suggestion is, if your young pitcher ain't broke, then don't baby him. Crank it up and keeping letting arms push their limits.


Posted on: August 6, 2008 11:45 am

Kennedy getting the call again

As Joba Chamberlain (shoulder) heads to Dr. James Andrews -- usually the bearer of bad, bad news -- the Yankees are going back to the well on Ian Kennedy. Pick him up in any league where you need a starting pitcher. He is much better than he had shown earlier this season. Most important, he has his command back in order. The Yankees can get hot for him and make him a winner for your Fantasy team.
Posted on: August 4, 2008 10:13 am

Fast Eddie ...

Eddie Kunz is the hottest name in Fantasy right now.

The Mets' closer of the future could be the closer of the week, because Billy Wagner looks headed for the 15-day DL. Even if Wagner's elbow MRI comes out fine, the Mets seem inclined to get the struggling closer some rest.

Why would the Mets trust Kunz in such a large role immediately? Because no one in their bullpen can get an out right now. Aaron Heilman stinks. Duaner Sanchez can reach 90 mph and is meat. Joe Smith is in a funk. Pedro Feliciano and Scott Schoenweis are situational lefties. Carlos Muniz is just not ready.

Kunz throws in the mid-90s and is a supremely confident closer prospect. But look out, the Fantasy Week 19 Stockwatch on Monday night will list Kunz as a sell now -- as in get him and sell high immediately.


PS ... anyone know that weak 80s movie about fast cars that had Fast Eddie in it? Obscure reference, but I wonder if anyone else remembers that flick.

Posted on: July 10, 2008 10:52 am
Edited on: July 10, 2008 10:53 am

Video notes for Pitching Planner

-- There are no two-start pitchers. What do we do to set our lineups for the short Fantasy Week 16 (July 17-20)

-- Rich Harden dealt to Cubs, CC Sabathia dealt to Brewers ... which pitcher will have a bigger impact in the second half?
-- What are the A's going to do to replace Rich Harden? Sean Gallagher for now -- with red-hot Dallas Braden waiting in long relief -- but what about prospects Gio Gonzalez, Trevor Cahill and Brett Anderson?
-- Who are the next big starting pitchers to go? A.J. Burnett and Erik Bedard ... it looks like it could be more AL to NL

-- Red Sox reshuffle with Justin Masterson moving to relief. Do we jump on Clay Buchholz or is he merely holding the spot for Bartolo Colon (back)?
-- The Marlins are reworking their rotation, slotting Josh Johnson and Chris Volstad and perhaps getting Anibal Sanchez back July 28.
-- Some other second-half returnees: Adam Wainwright, Brad Penny, Fausto Carmona, Chris R. Young, Chien-Ming Wang, Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Jason Schmidt, Mike Hampton, Carl Pavano, Chris Carpenter, Sergio Mitre, Orlando Hernandez, Kelvim Escobar


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