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Posted on: March 31, 2010 4:28 pm
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MLB season predictions

I filed my picks for the 2010 season:

NL East
Phillies ... NLCS
raves ... wild card

NL Central
Cardinals ... World Champs

NL West

NL Awards
MVP – Albert Pujols
Cy Young – Roy Halladay
Rookie – Stephen Strasburg
Manager – Bobby Cox
Comeback – Jose B. Reyes
HR Champ – Mark Reynolds
Surprise – Colby Rasmus

AL East
Red Sox ... Wild card, ALCS
Blue Jays

AL Central
Twins ... World Series loser
White Sox

AL West

AL Awards
MVP – Alex Rodriguez
Cy Young – Josh Beckett
Rookie – Brian Matusz
Manager – Ron Gardenhire
Comeback – Grady Sizemore
HR Champ – Alex Rodriguez
Surprise – Kevin Slowey

I really wanted to pick the D-Backs and Rangers higher, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.


Posted on: March 31, 2010 4:01 pm

John Dewan Stat of the Week

Reposting the John Dewan Stat of the Week by permission:

Which players are poised for a breakout based on their Spring Training statistics?
March 31, 2010

This is our sixth annual list of possible breakout players based on Spring Training statistics. We researched the value of Spring Training stats a few years back and it was quite revealing. For the most part, we agree with the common perception that they don't have value. A bad spring training means nothing. An average spring training tells us nothing. Nevertheless, we did find that when a player has an exceptional spring, it does suggest a better than 60% chance they will take their game up a notch. It applies to teams as well.

We define "exceptional spring" as a positive difference between a hitter's spring training slugging percentage and their lifetime slugging percentage of 200 points or more.

We analyzed hitters with both a minimum of 200 career regular season at bats and with a minimum of 40 spring training at bats (through spring training games of Tuesday, March 30) and found the following 18 players.

Possible Breakout Players
Slugging Percentage 200+ points better in Spring Training
Hitter, Team  Difference  Spring  Career
Jose Bautista, Blue Jays  .484  .884  .400
Mitch Maier, Royals  .436  .760  .324
Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals  .345  .824  .478
Colby Rasmus, Cardinals  .316  .723  .407
Jerry Hairston, Padres  .302  .675  .373
Delwyn Young, Pirates  .288  .673  .385
Conor Jackson, Diamondbacks  .283  .714  .431
Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies  .282  .756  .474
Hunter Pence, Astros  .272  .760  .488
Gregg Zaun, Brewers  .262  .650  .388
Aaron Rowand, Giants  .260  .708  .448
Nelson Cruz, Rangers  .259  .732  .473
Justin Upton, Diamondbacks  .254  .739  .485
Will Venable, Padres  .252  .679  .427
Alberto Callaspo, Royals  .242  .646  .404
John Bowker, Giants  .229  .631  .402
Mike Aviles, Royals  .223  .651  .429
Mark Kotsay, White Sox  .204  .617  .413
Copyright © 2010 by John Dewan.
Permission to reprint or broadcast this information is granted only if used in conjunction with the following citation: "Used with permission from John Dewan's Stat of the Week™, www.statoftheweek.com."

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FantasyLand the movie

I have a sneak preview of FantasyLand that I am going to watch in my free time after work tonight or tomorrow. I wasn't a fan of the first trailer, ripping it in a FantasyTake for putting the geek back in Fantasy Baseball. Sam Walker's book did such a good job of taking the geek out of Fantasy Baseball and its premier league Tout Wars, legitimizing it as a hotly contested battle of science, skill and wit -- not a merely "Can you outdork this?"

Well, I am told by the documentary's PR staff that I will like the movie much more than I liked the trailer, so we will see.

Here are the release(s): 

Endgame/wonderland team up for FANTASYLAND

Los Angeles (March 17, 2010) – Tipping its cap to the estimated 30 million Americans who play fantasy sports– most as a fun hobby, some as an all-consuming obsession –  Endgame Entertainment and Wonderland Sound and Vision are launching a feature length documentary Fantasyland, as well as introducing fantasy centered content to be produced across all platforms exploring fantasy, both in sports and pop culture.     

SnagFilms is releasing Fantasyland, which will premiere on March 19<sup>th</sup>, on their flagship site SnagFilms.com as well as Hulu.com.  The film is financed and produced by James D. Stern’s Endgame Entertainment and produced with McG’s Wonderland Sound & Vision and John Limotte and Doug Bernheim’s Sound Pictures.  SnagFilms is a platform dedicated to taking compelling documentaries and making them available to audiences worldwide. 

Inspired by the best-selling book by Wall Street Journal Sports Editor Sam Walker, Fantasyland is a feature-length documentary about the culture and lifestyle of fantasy players.  Directed by Stephen Palgon (two-time Sports Emmy winner as producer of the HBO documentary series Legendary Nights), Fantasyland follows Jed Latkin, an amateur fantasy baseball fan who earns the chance to compete with the industry's best in an expert league called Tout Wars during the 2008 baseball season.  Before that season began, Jed was a rising young financial analyst planning to start a family with his new wife.  But by the time the season ended, he had traveled thousands of miles to personally connect with his players, pulled countless all-nighters, and nearly missed the birth of his twin son and daughter, all in the relentless pursuit of one, increasingly elusive goal:  winning Tout Wars.

Fantasyland has a built-in audience of 30 million fantasy sports players, other fantasy and sports enthusiasts as well as people intrigued by the exciting, humorous, sometimes scary and surprising lengths to which otherwise normal people will go just to win a mere contest of pride,” says Endgame CEO James D. Stern.  “We’ve long been a nation of sports fanatics, and Fantasyland reveals that fanaticism in its most intense, and entertaining, form.  We’re thrilled to partner with SnagFilms to bring this film to fans and audiences worldwide and see this as the perfect launching point to inspire other fantasy centered content in the sports world.”









FantasyLand: A Season on Baseball’s Lunatic Fringe


Before the 2004 baseball season, Sam Walker was a happily married, tie-wearing sportswriter leading a responsible and well-rounded life.  But by the time that season was over, he had spent tens of thousands of dollars, traveled 19,000 miles, missed 3 weddings and a funeral, and ignored a raging fire in a neighbor’s apartment.  He’d become a caffeine-addled insomniac with back spasms, willing to ignore family, work and anything else that might distract him from his one, increasingly elusive goal:  winning his fantasy-baseball league.

Inspired by Walker’s best-selling book of the same name, FANTASYLAND is a documentary feature film about the bizarre and fascinating world of fantasy baseball, wherein an estimated 15 million Americans (approximately 5% of the nation’s population) actively play or have played fantasy baseball.  In FANTASYLAND, we’ll meet some of these people - the fans, fanatics, experts and amateurs, who battle it out every baseball season (and beyond). 

As in Sam Walker’s book, FANTASYLAND will document an “amateur” fantasy baseball player’s first season participating in Tout Wars, the ultimate fantasy baseball league, where the self-appointed gurus of the sport reside. However, unlike Sam Walker, the film’s lead character will not be a sports professional with media credentials and industry contacts; he’ll be an ordinary fantasy baseball player, who is thrown into the lion’s den of Tout Wars and forced to compete with the experts.

In 2008, Jed Latkin, a research analyst for ING and a fantasy enthusiast, beat out several hundred people for a seat at the TOUT WARS table, to test his skills against the foremost experts in the industry.  Utilizing his professional skills as a trader, and his innate ability and resourcefulness, he traveled to spring training to connect with scouts, players, journalists and anyone else willing to answer his questions about which rookie is due for a breakout season, what veteran fell out of shape during the off-season, and which overpaid superstar might see his playing time cut.   And his quest for information did not end once the first pitch was tossed on the 2008 baseball season:  whether it was tracking down Justin Verlander to give him a pep talk, confronting Carl Crawford about his recent performance, or even learning a little Japanese to communicate with Ichiro, Jed went to any length to win the league.

FANTASYLAND also examines the ways in which Jed’s personal life was severely impacted by his obsession.  Cameras followed him in his daily life as well as he had to manage his day job, a new bride, and the birth of twins.

In addition, FANTASYLAND will explore the larger cultural significance of fantasy baseball and other fantasy competitions - which includes every sport from football to soccer to Nascar, as well as fashion leagues, celebrity leagues, political leagues, and even graduate student leagues (where students draft their classmates and earn points on how well they do in school). 

Ultimately, FANTASYLAND will appeal to fans of competition documentaries like “Spellbound”, “Mad Hot Ballroom” and “King of Kong”, as well as the millions of fantasy sports players, general sports enthusiasts and anyone else intrigued by the exciting, humorous, sometimes scary and surprising lengths to which otherwise normal people will go just to win a mere contest of pride.

Director - Stephen Palgon, has 12 years of experience of working with a variety of television networks (including HBO, ESPN, CBS, USA), creating featured programming including the documentary “Star Crossed: The Shakespearean Tragedy of Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden”, which received a Gold Medal New York Film Award.  Palgon also won two Sports Emmy Awards for producing and directing the HBO documentary series “Legendary Nights” as well as ESPN’s Hurricane Carter “Sports Century” documentary.

Producer - Endgame Entertainment is a privately financed independent entertainment company, headed by James D Stern one of the owners of the Chicago Bulls, producing and financing such films as Oscar nominated “Hotel Rwanda”, “Harold & Kumar Go White Castle”, “Lord of War” and the Oscar nominated Bob Dylan Biopic “I’m Not There” and “An Education”; while directing “Michael Jordan to the MAX” and “The Year of the Yao”.

Producer - Wonderland Sound and Vision was founded by McG who has directed several films including “Terminator: Salvation”, “We Are Marshall”, and “Charlie’s Angel’s 1 & 2”.  He is also responsible for creating television shows such as “The OC”, “Chuck”, “Pussycat Dolls’, “Supernatural” and most recently “Human Target”.

Producer - Sound Pictures is an independent production company run by John Limotte and Doug Bernheim and has produced several independent films including “The Assassination of Richard Nixon”, “Live Free or Die”, “Winter Solstice”, and “Pretty Bird”.

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SP rankings preview video notes

Starting Pitchers
1. Top 10 overall

Tim Lincecum remains atop the rankings, despite being outdone by King Felix and Zack Greinke in CBSSports.com's new standard scoring system... (I have a viz that shows what the new scoring system does to pitcher scoring, too)

1 Tim Lincecum  $33 SF
2 Roy Halladay  $32 PHI
3 CC Sabathia  $31 NYY
4 Zack Greinke  $29 KC
5 Felix Hernandez  $29 SEA 
6 Justin Verlander  $25 DET 
7 Dan Haren  $24 ARI 
8 Chris Carpenter  $24 STL ... Winningest player on CBSSports.com last year
9 Johan Santana  $24 NYM ... Former No. 1 coming off elbow surgery
10 Adam Wainwright  $23 STL ... Last year's third-year starting pitcher breakout

2. Top 5 Third year starters

So, genuis, who are the next Wainwright third-year starting pitcher breakouts that can enter that elite top 10...

RK  Pitcher  Age
1 Yovani Gallardo 24 *
2 Clayton Kershaw 22 *
3 Hiroki Kuroda 35
4 Kevin Slowey 25
5 Johnny Cueto 24

3. The second 10

Gallardo is in this next 10 aces and also a pair of Sox...

11 Jon Lester  $22 BOS
12 Josh Beckett  $22 BOS
13 Javier Vazquez  $21 NYY
14 Josh Johnson  $21 FLA * ... Third-year SP a year ago with even more potential
15 Cliff Lee  $21 SEA ... Ace moving to third team in less than a year
16 Jake Peavy  $20 CHW ** Former No. 1 off injury-plagued year... this year's Carpenter?
17 Matt Cain  $18 SF 
18 Cole Hamels  $17 PHI 
19 Yovani Gallardo  $17 MIL 
20 Tommy Hanson  $16 ATL * ... second-year starter with huge, huge upside

4. The third 10

We finally get to see your 3rd-year SP breakout Kershaw in this 10 and a trio of comeback candidates...
21 Ubaldo Jimenez  $16 COL * another 3rd-year from 2009
22 Jered Weaver  $15 ANA * He is not his brother
23 Wandy Rodriguez  $15 HOU
24 John Lackey  $15 BOS ... Changing coasts
25 Clayton Kershaw  $15 LAD 
26 Jair Jurrjens  $14 ATL ... dealing with a sore shoulder
27 Chad Billingsley  $14 LAD ... Comeback candidate
28 Scott Kazmir  $13 ANA ... Comeback candidate
29 Roy Oswalt  $13 HOU ... Comeback candidate
30 Ryan Dempster  $13 CHC



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2B rankings preview video notes

Second Base
1. Top ten overall second basemen

Chase Utley is the leader, but can Ian Kinsler close the gap... We could use that data viz again to show the strength of the improving second base position, second only to first base.

1 Chase Utley  $36 PHI
2 Ian Kinsler  $31 TEX *
3 Dustin Pedroia  $28 BOS
4 Robinson Cano  $22 NYY 
5 Brian Roberts  $19 BAL 
6 Aaron Hill  $19 TOR * broke out at age 27
7 Ben Zobrist  $14 TB *
8 Brandon Phillips  $12 CIN 
9 Dan Uggla  $9 FLA 
10 Howie Kendrick  $7 ANA 

2. Top 5 27 year old second basemen

Kinsler and No. 10 Kendrick are in your top five 27-year-olds at second base...

1. Ian Kinsler, TEX
2. Robinson Cano, NYY
3. Howie Kendrick, LAA
4. Rickie Weeks, MIL ... I also love Rickie Weeks as a breakout player
5. Casey McGehee, MIL

3. Second 10

Weeks leads the second 10...

11 Rickie Weeks  $7 MIL 
12 Ian Stewart  $7 COL  *
13 Jose Lopez  $6 SEA  *
14 Asdrubal Cabrera  $2 CLE 
15 Placido Polanco  $1 PHI 
16 Clint Barmes  $1 COL 
17 Maicer Izturis  ANA
18 Martin Prado  ATL 
19 Orlando Hudson  MIN
20 Kelly Johnson  ARI *

4. Third 10

Emack, you said second base is stronger and deeper than ever, but will the 20-30 matter in most Fantasy leagues?

21 Mark Ellis  OAK
22 Casey McGehee  MIL
23 Luis Castillo  NYM
24 Chris Getz  KC  *
25 Eugenio Velez  SF 
26 Kazuo Matsui  HOU 
27 Freddy Sanchez  SF
28 Alberto Callaspo  KC *
29 Felipe Lopez  STL 
30 Scott Sizemore  DET  *



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1B rankings video preview notes

First Base
1. Top ten overall at First

Sir Albert Pujols lead most dominant player in Fantasy Baseball

Can we use the viz as a graphic? It shows just how far Pujols' dot is away from the rest of the field.

1 Albert Pujols  $40 STL *
2 Prince Fielder  $34 MIL
3 Mark Teixeira  $34 NYY *
4 Miguel Cabrera  $33 DET
5 Ryan Howard  $33 PHI
6 Mark Reynolds  $30 ARI
7 Justin Morneau  $26 MIN *
8 Adrian Gonzalez  $26 SD
9 Victor Martinez  $26 BOS *
10 Kevin Youkilis  $25 BOS

2. Top 5 27 years olds at First

Lead in with Miguel Cabrera's quiting drinking after his embarrasing SNAFU late last year. Emack will hit on each of the top three.

1. Miguel Cabrera, DET *
2. Mark Reynolds, ARI *
3. Adrian Gonzalez, SD *
4. Kendry Morales, LAA
5. Joey Votto, CIN

3. Emack's sleepers in the second 10

The No. 4 and 5 27-year-olds lie in this next 10...

11 Kendry Morales  $18 ANA
12 Pablo Sandoval  $18 SF *
13 Joey Votto  $16 CIN 
14 Lance Berkman  $15 HOU ... psuedo contract year
15 Adam Dunn  $14 WAS
16 Derrek Lee  $12 CHC ... contract year
17 Carlos Pena  $9 TB ... contract year
18 Billy Butler  $9 KC ... Breakout candidate to enter top tier.
19 Michael Cuddyer  $5 MIN
20 James Loney  $4 LA

4. Emack's sleepers in the third 10

That second 20 had some of the younger emerging players. This 20-30 tends to be some veterans, are these guys washed up?

21 Garrett Jones  $2 PIT
22 Todd Helton  $1 COL *
23 Jorge Cantu  $1 FLA
24 Adam LaRoche  $1 ARI
25 Nick Swisher  $1 NYY
26 Nick Johnson  $1 NYY
27 Paul Konerko  $1 CHW *
28 Chris Davis  $1 TEX ... Emack's man crush ... Crush Davis.
29 Garrett Atkins  $1 BAL
30 Martin Prado  ATL



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March 1 Mock Draft Monday results

Here are the results of March 1 Mock Draft Monday in a 12-team, mixed Head-to-Head points league. Join me every Monday at a designated time for a live draft. I answer questions during the draft and pick right along with the Fantasy Baseball public every Monday until the start of the regular season.

Mock Draft Results
Round 1
1 Eric Mack Pujols, Albert 1B STL
2 Fischer Ramirez, Hanley SS FLA
3 death Lincecum, Tim SP SF
4 jlctrader Rodriguez, Alex 3B NYY
5 mudbutt* Fielder, Prince 1B MIL
6 amazing mets Howard, Ryan 1B PHI
7 osu Braun, Ryan J. LF MIL
8 m&m boyz Utley, Chase 2B PHI
9 newyork jankees Halladay, Roy SP PHI
11 monkeys Teixeira, Mark 1B NYY
12 Ballstothewall Tulowitzki, Troy SS COL
Round 2
13 Ballstothewall Cabrera, Miguel 1B DET
14 monkeys Mauer, Joe C MIN
15 RUSTY GRISWALDS Hernandez, Felix SP SEA
16 newyork jankees Sandoval, Pablo 3B SF
17 m&m boyz* Verlander, Justin SP DET
18 osu Longoria, Evan 3B TB
19 amazing mets Holliday, Matt LF STL
20 mudbutt Wainwright, Adam SP STL
21 jlctrader Gonzalez, Adrian 1B SD
22 death Kinsler, Ian 2B TEX
23 Fischer Greinke, Zack SP KC
24 Eric Mack Santana, Johan SP NYM
Round 3
25 Eric Mack Morneau, Justin 1B MIN
26 Fischer Wright, David 3B NYM
27 death Lester, Jon SP BOS
28 jlctrader Martinez, Victor C BOS
29 mudbutt Beckett, Josh SP BOS
30 amazing mets Haren, Dan SP ARI
31 osu Pedroia, Dustin 2B BOS
32 m&m boyz Morales, Kendry 1B ANA
33 newyork jankees Reyes, Jose B. SS NYM
35 monkeys Johnson, Josh SP FLA
36 Ballstothewall Zimmerman, Ryan 3B WAS
Round 4
37 Ballstothewall Kemp, Matt CF LA
38 monkeys Rollins, Jimmy SS PHI
39 RUSTY GRISWALDS Carpenter, Chris SP STL
40 newyork jankees McCann, Brian C ATL
41 m&m boyz Hill, Aaron 2B TOR
42 osu Cain, Matt SP SF
43 amazing mets Granderson, Curtis CF NYY
44 mudbutt Gallardo, Yovani SP MIL
45 jlctrader Youkilis, Kevin 1B BOS
46 death Suzuki, Kurt C OAK
47 Fischer Sizemore, Grady CF CLE
48 Eric Mack Reynolds, Mark 3B ARI
Round 5
49 Eric Mack Peavy, Jake SP CHW
50 Fischer Votto, Joey 1B CIN
51 death Jeter, Derek SS NYY
52 jlctrader Lind, Adam LF TOR
53 mudbutt Ramirez, Aramis 3B CHC
54 amazing mets Ellsbury, Jacoby CF BOS
55 osu Weaver, Jered SP ANA
56 m&m boyz Bay, Jason LF NYM
57 newyork jankees Billingsley, Chad SP LA
58 RUSTY GRISWALDS* Vazquez, Javier SP NYY
59 monkeys Ethier, Andre RF LA
60 Ballstothewall Jimenez, Ubaldo SP COL
Round 6
61 Ballstothewall Upton, Justin RF ARI
62 monkeys Hanson, Tommy SP ATL
64 newyork jankees Phillips, Brandon 2B CIN
65 m&m boyz Crawford, Carl LF TB
66 osu Ramirez, Manny LF LA
67 amazing mets Hamels, Cole SP PHI
68 mudbutt Roberts, Brian 2B BAL
69 jlctrader Zobrist, Ben 2B TB
70 death Beckham, Gordon 3B CHW
71 Fischer Kershaw, Clayton SP LA
72 Eric Mack Quentin, Carlos LF CHW
Round 7
73 Eric Mack Cano, Robinson 2B NYY
74 Fischer Choo, Shin-Soo RF CLE
75 death Berkman, Lance 1B HOU
76 jlctrader Lackey, John SP BOS
77 mudbutt Werth, Jayson RF PHI
78 amazing mets* Dunn, Adam LF WAS
79 osu Shields, James SP TB
80 m&m boyz Upton, B.J. CF TB
81 newyork jankees Burnett, A.J. SP NYY
82 RUSTY GRISWALDS* Beltran, Carlos CF NYM
83 monkeys* Lee, Derrek 1B CHC
84 Ballstothewall Lee, Carlos N. LF HOU
Round 8
85 Ballstothewall Butler, Billy 1B KC
86 monkeys* McCutchen, Andrew OF PIT
87 RUSTY GRISWALDS* Figgins, Chone 3B SEA
88 newyork jankees Wilson, Brian RP SF
89 m&m boyz Broxton, Jonathan RP LA
90 osu Victorino, Shane CF PHI
91 amazing mets* Jurrjens, Jair SP ATL
92 mudbutt Danks, John SP CHW
93 jlctrader Webb, Brandon SP ARI
94 death Span, Denard RF MIN
95 Fischer Rodriguez, Francisco J. RP NYM
96 Eric Mack Kazmir, Scott SP ANA
Round 9
97 Eric Mack Hamilton, Josh CF TEX
98 Fischer Stewart, Ian 3B COL
99 death Dempster, Ryan SP CHC
100 jlctrader Papelbon, Jonathan RP BOS
101 mudbutt Nathan, Joe RP MIN
102 amazing mets* Baker, Scott SP MIN
103 osu Jackson, Edwin SP ARI
104 m&m boyz Garza, Matt SP TB
105 newyork jankees Scherzer, Max SP DET
106 RUSTY GRISWALDS* Zambrano, Carlos SP CHC
107 monkeys* Hawpe, Brad RF COL
108 Ballstothewall Nolasco, Ricky SP FLA
Round 10
109 Ballstothewall Rodriguez, Wandy SP HOU
110 monkeys* Uggla, Dan 2B FLA
112 newyork jankees Cuddyer, Michael RF MIN
113 m&m boyz Pena, Carlos 1B TB
114 osu Suzuki, Ichiro RF SEA
115 amazing mets* Floyd, Gavin SP CHW
116 mudbutt Abreu, Bobby RF ANA
117 jlctrader Happ, J.A. SP PHI
118 death Wells, Vernon CF TOR
119 Fischer Rivera, Mariano RP NYY
120 Eric Mack Price, David SP TB
Round 11
121 Eric Mack Jones, Adam CF BAL
122 Fischer Santana, Ervin SP ANA
123 death Coghlan, Chris LF FLA
124 jlctrader Cruz, Nelson R. RF TEX
125 mudbutt Bartlett, Jason SS TB
126 amazing mets* Escobar, Yunel SS ATL
127 osu Lowe, Derek SP ATL
128 m&m boyz Drew, Stephen SS ARI
129 newyork jankees Pence, Hunter RF HOU
131 monkeys* Wolf, Randy SP MIL
132 Ballstothewall Matsuzaka, Daisuke SP BOS
Round 12
133 Ballstothewall De La Rosa, Jorge SP COL
134 monkeys* Blanton, Joe SP PHI
135 RUSTY GRISWALDS Loney, James 1B LA
136 newyork jankees Fuentes, Brian RP ANA
137 m&m boyz Hudson, Tim SP ATL
138 osu Pettitte, Andy SP NYY
139 amazing mets* Lopez, Jose 2B SEA
140 mudbutt Martin, Russell C LA
141 jlctrader Bell, Heath RP SD
142 death Arroyo, Bronson SP CIN
143 Fischer Anderson, Brett SP OAK
144 Eric Mack Street, Huston RP COL
Round 13
145 Eric Mack Wieters, Matt C BAL
146 Fischer Weeks, Rickie 2B MIL
147 death Slowey, Kevin SP MIN
148 jlctrader Kubel, Jason LF MIN
149 mudbutt Cordero, Francisco RP CIN
150 amazing mets* Cantu, Jorge 1B FLA
151 osu Cueto, Johnny SP CIN
152 m&m boyz Montero, Miguel C ARI
153 newyork jankees Bailey, Homer SP CIN
155 monkeys* Jones, Chipper 3B ATL
156 Ballstothewall Buchholz, Clay SP BOS
Round 14
157 Ballstothewall Sheets, Ben SP OAK
158 monkeys* Buehrle, Mark SP CHW
160 newyork jankees Myers, Brett SP HOU
161 m&m boyz Young, Michael 3B TEX
162 osu* Swisher, Nick CF NYY
163 amazing mets* Saunders, Joe SP ANA
164 mudbutt Feldman, Scott SP TEX
165 jlctrader Soriano, Alfonso LF CHC
166 death Bourn, Michael CF HOU
167 Fischer Liriano, Francisco SP MIN
168 Eric Mack Ortiz, David DH BOS
Round 15
169 Eric Mack Franklin, Ryan RP STL
170 Fischer Hunter, Torii CF ANA
171 death Aardsma, David RP SEA
172 jlctrader Cabrera, Asdrubal SS CLE
173 mudbutt McLouth, Nate CF ATL
174 amazing mets* Penny, Brad SP STL
175 osu* Cabrera, Orlando SS CIN
176 m&m boyz Rivera, Juan L. LF ANA
177 newyork jankees Escobar, Alcides SS MIL
179 monkeys* Niemann, Jeff SP TB
180 Ballstothewall Bailey, Andrew RP OAK
Round 16
181 Ballstothewall Harang, Aaron SP CIN
182 monkeys* Pavano, Carl SP MIN
183 RUSTY GRISWALDS Peralta, Jhonny 3B CLE
184 newyork jankees Pierre, Juan LF CHW
185 m&m boyz Soriano, Rafael RP TB
186 osu* Posada, Jorge C NYY
187 amazing mets* Molina, Bengie C SF
188 mudbutt* Zito, Barry SP SF
189 jlctrader Ramirez, Alexei SS CHW
190 death Jenks, Bobby RP CHW
191 Fischer Feliz, Neftali RP TEX
192 Eric Mack Bruce, Jay RF CIN
Round 17
193 Eric Mack Soto, Geovany C CHC
194 Fischer Soria, Joakim RP KC
195 death Francoeur, Jeff RF NYM
196 jlctrader Porcello, Rick SP DET
197 mudbutt Damon, Johnny LF DET
198 amazing mets* Konerko, Paul 1B CHW
199 osu* Helton, Todd 1B COL
200 m&m boyz Kuroda, Hiroki SP LA
201 newyork jankees* Scutaro, Marco SS BOS
203 monkeys* LaRoche, Adam 1B ARI
204 Ballstothewall Iannetta, Chris C COL
Round 18
205 Ballstothewall Prado, Martin 2B ATL
206 monkeys* Polanco, Placido 2B PHI
207 RUSTY GRISWALDS* Barmes, Clint 2B COL
208 newyork jankees* Borbon, Julio CF TEX
209 m&m boyz Gonzalez, Mike RP BAL
210 osu* Johnson, Nick 1B NYY
211 amazing mets* DeJesus, David LF KC
212 mudbutt* Jones, Garrett 1B PIT
213 jlctrader Morrow, Brandon SP TOR
214 death Molina, Yadier C STL
215 Fischer Sanchez, Jonathan O. SP SF
216 Eric Mack Andrus, Elvis SS TEX
Round 19
217 Eric Mack Davis, Chris 1B TEX
218 Fischer Byrd, Marlon CF CHC
219 death Blalock, Hank 1B TEX
220 jlctrader Marmol, Carlos RP CHC
221 mudbutt* Wagner, Billy RP ATL
222 amazing mets* Ross, Cody CF FLA
223 osu* Rasmus, Colby CF STL
224 m&m boyz Guerrero, Vladimir DH TEX
225 newyork jankees* Hunter, Tommy SP TEX
227 monkeys* Hart, Corey C. RF MIL
228 Ballstothewall Hoffman, Trevor RP MIL
Round 20
229 Ballstothewall Blanks, Kyle RF SD
230 monkeys* Theriot, Ryan SS CHC
232 newyork jankees* DeRosa, Mark 3B SF
233 m&m boyz Matsui, Hideki DH ANA
234 osu* Gutierrez, Franklin RF SEA
235 amazing mets* Teahen, Mark 3B CHW
236 mudbutt* Jackson, Conor LF ARI
237 jlctrader Gonzalez, Carlos OF COL
238 death Blackburn, Nick SP MIN
239 Fischer* Napoli, Mike C ANA
240 Eric Mack Hughes, Phil SP NYY
Round 21
241 Eric Mack Matusz, Brian SP BAL
242 Fischer* Beltre, Adrian 3B BOS
243 death Davis, Wade SP TB
244 jlctrader Wells, Randy SP CHC
245 mudbutt* Fukudome, Kosuke RF CHC
246 amazing mets* Drew, J.D. RF BOS
247 osu* Ludwick, Ryan RF STL
248 m&m boyz Volstad, Chris SP FLA
249 newyork jankees* Kotchman, Casey 1B SEA
250 RUSTY GRISWALDS* Blake, Casey 3B LA
251 monkeys* Chamberlain, Joba SP NYY
252 Ballstothewall Heyward, Jason OF ATL
Round 22
253 Ballstothewall Latos, Mat SP SD
254 monkeys* Cabrera, Melky CF ATL
256 newyork jankees* Huff, Aubrey 1B SF
257 m&m boyz Young, Chris B. CF ARI
258 osu* Reimold, Nolan OF BAL
259 amazing mets* Cook, Aaron SP COL
260 mudbutt* Ordonez, Magglio RF DET
261 jlctrader Pineiro, Joel SP ANA
262 death Tejada, Miguel SS BAL
263 Fischer* Johnson, Kelly 2B ARI
264 Eric Mack Maine, John SP NYM

Team-by-team rosters
amazing mets - jason
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Molina, Bengie C SF 16 187 A C
Howard, Ryan 1B PHI 1 6 A 1B
Lopez, Jose 2B SEA 12 139 A 2B
Cantu, Jorge 1B FLA 13 150 A 3B
Escobar, Yunel SS ATL 11 126 A SS
Ellsbury, Jacoby CF BOS 5 54 A OF
Granderson, Curtis CF NYY 4 43 A OF
Holliday, Matt LF STL 2 19 A OF
Dunn, Adam LF WAS 7 78 A U
Baker, Scott SP MIN 9 102 A P
Floyd, Gavin SP CHW 10 115 A P
Hamels, Cole SP PHI 6 67 A P
Haren, Dan SP ARI 3 30 A P
Jurrjens, Jair SP ATL 8 91 A P
Penny, Brad SP STL 15 174 A P
Saunders, Joe SP ANA 14 163 A P
Konerko, Paul 1B CHW 17 198 RS 1B
Teahen, Mark 3B CHW 20 235 RS 3B
DeJesus, David LF KC 18 211 RS OF
Drew, J.D. RF BOS 21 246 RS OF
Ross, Cody CF FLA 19 222 RS OF
Cook, Aaron SP COL 22 259 RS P
Ballstothewall - Dave
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Iannetta, Chris C COL 17 204 A C
Cabrera, Miguel 1B DET 2 13 A 1B
Prado, Martin 2B ATL 18 205 A 2B
Zimmerman, Ryan 3B WAS 3 36 A 3B
Tulowitzki, Troy SS COL 1 12 A SS
Kemp, Matt CF LA 4 37 A OF
Lee, Carlos N. LF HOU 7 84 A OF
Upton, Justin RF ARI 6 61 A OF
Butler, Billy 1B KC 8 85 A U
Bailey, Andrew RP OAK 15 180 A P
Hoffman, Trevor RP MIL 19 228 A P
Jimenez, Ubaldo SP COL 5 60 A P
Matsuzaka, Daisuke SP BOS 11 132 A P
Nolasco, Ricky SP FLA 9 108 A P
Rodriguez, Wandy SP HOU 10 109 A P
Sheets, Ben SP OAK 14 157 A P
Blanks, Kyle RF SD 20 229 RS OF
Heyward, Jason OF ATL 21 252 RS OF
Buchholz, Clay SP BOS 13 156 RS P
De La Rosa, Jorge SP COL 12 133 RS P
Harang, Aaron SP CIN 16 181 RS P
Latos, Mat SP SD 22 253 RS P
death - david
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Suzuki, Kurt C OAK 4 46 A C
Berkman, Lance 1B HOU 7 75 A 1B
Kinsler, Ian 2B TEX 2 22 A 2B
Beckham, Gordon 3B CHW 6 70 A 3B
Jeter, Derek SS NYY 5 51 A SS
Coghlan, Chris LF FLA 11 123 A OF
Span, Denard RF MIN 8 94 A OF
Wells, Vernon CF TOR 10 118 A OF
Bourn, Michael CF HOU 14 166 A U
Aardsma, David RP SEA 15 171 A P
Arroyo, Bronson SP CIN 12 142 A P
Dempster, Ryan SP CHC 9 99 A P
Jenks, Bobby RP CHW 16 190 A P
Lester, Jon SP BOS 3 27 A P
Lincecum, Tim SP SF 1 3 A P
Slowey, Kevin SP MIN 13 147 A P
Molina, Yadier C STL 18 214 RS C
Blalock, Hank 1B TEX 19 219 RS 1B
Tejada, Miguel SS BAL 22 262 RS SS
Francoeur, Jeff RF NYM 17 195 RS OF
Blackburn, Nick SP MIN 20 238 RS P
Davis, Wade SP TB 21 243 RS P
Eric Mack - Eric
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Wieters, Matt C BAL 13 145 A C
Pujols, Albert 1B STL 1 1 A 1B
Cano, Robinson 2B NYY 7 73 A 2B
Reynolds, Mark 3B ARI 4 48 A 3B
Andrus, Elvis SS TEX 18 216 A SS
Hamilton, Josh CF TEX 9 97 A OF
Jones, Adam CF BAL 11 121 A OF
Quentin, Carlos LF CHW 6 72 A OF
Morneau, Justin 1B MIN 3 25 A U
Franklin, Ryan RP STL 15 169 A P
Hughes, Phil SP NYY 20 240 A P
Kazmir, Scott SP ANA 8 96 A P
Peavy, Jake SP CHW 5 49 A P
Price, David SP TB 10 120 A P
Santana, Johan SP NYM 2 24 A P
Street, Huston RP COL 12 144 A P
Soto, Geovany C CHC 17 193 RS C
Davis, Chris 1B TEX 19 217 RS 1B
Bruce, Jay RF CIN 16 192 RS OF
Ortiz, David DH BOS 14 168 RS U
Maine, John SP NYM 22 264 RS P
Matusz, Brian SP BAL 21 241 RS P
Fischer - john
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Napoli, Mike C ANA 20 239 A C
Votto, Joey 1B CIN 5 50 A 1B
Stewart, Ian 3B COL 9 98 A 2B
Wright, David 3B NYM 3 26 A 3B
Ramirez, Hanley SS FLA 1 2 A SS
Choo, Shin-Soo RF CLE 7 74 A OF
Hunter, Torii CF ANA 15 170 A OF
Sizemore, Grady CF CLE 4 47 A OF
Weeks, Rickie 2B MIL 13 146 A U
Anderson, Brett SP OAK 12 143 A P
Greinke, Zack SP KC 2 23 A P
Kershaw, Clayton SP LA 6 71 A P
Liriano, Francisco SP MIN 14 167 A P
Rivera, Mariano RP NYY 10 119 A P
Rodriguez, Francisco J. RP NYM 8 95 A P
Santana, Ervin SP ANA 11 122 A P
Johnson, Kelly 2B ARI 22 263 RS 2B
Beltre, Adrian 3B BOS 21 242 RS 3B
Byrd, Marlon CF CHC 19 218 RS OF
Feliz, Neftali RP TEX 16 191 RS P
Sanchez, Jonathan O. SP SF 18 215 RS P
Soria, Joakim RP KC 17 194 RS P
jlctrader - jim
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Martinez, Victor C BOS 3 28 A C
Gonzalez, Adrian 1B SD 2 21 A 1B
Zobrist, Ben 2B TB 6 69 A 2B
Rodriguez, Alex 3B NYY 1 4 A 3B
Cabrera, Asdrubal SS CLE 15 172 A SS
Cruz, Nelson R. RF TEX 11 124 A OF
Kubel, Jason LF MIN 13 148 A OF
Lind, Adam LF TOR 5 52 A OF
Youkilis, Kevin 1B BOS 4 45 A U
Bell, Heath RP SD 12 141 A P
Happ, J.A. SP PHI 10 117 A P
Lackey, John SP BOS 7 76 A P
Morrow, Brandon SP TOR 18 213 A P
Papelbon, Jonathan RP BOS 9 100 A P
Porcello, Rick SP DET 17 196 A P
Webb, Brandon SP ARI 8 93 A P
Ramirez, Alexei SS CHW 16 189 RS SS
Gonzalez, Carlos OF COL 20 237 RS OF
Soriano, Alfonso LF CHC 14 165 RS OF
Marmol, Carlos RP CHC 19 220 RS P
Pineiro, Joel SP ANA 22 261 RS P
Wells, Randy SP CHC 21 244 RS P
m&m boyz - todd
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Montero, Miguel C ARI 13 152 A C
Morales, Kendry 1B ANA 3 32 A 1B
Utley, Chase 2B PHI 1 8 A 2B
Young, Michael 3B TEX 14 161 A 3B
Drew, Stephen SS ARI 11 128 A SS
Bay, Jason LF NYM 5 56 A OF
Crawford, Carl LF TB 6 65 A OF
Upton, B.J. CF TB 7 80 A OF
Hill, Aaron 2B TOR 4 41 A U
Broxton, Jonathan RP LA 8 89 A P
Garza, Matt SP TB 9 104 A P
Gonzalez, Mike RP BAL 18 209 A P
Hudson, Tim SP ATL 12 137 A P
Kuroda, Hiroki SP LA 17 200 A P
Soriano, Rafael RP TB 16 185 A P
Verlander, Justin SP DET 2 17 A P
Pena, Carlos 1B TB 10 113 RS 1B
Rivera, Juan L. LF ANA 15 176 RS OF
Young, Chris B. CF ARI 22 257 RS OF
Guerrero, Vladimir DH TEX 19 224 RS U
Matsui, Hideki DH ANA 20 233 RS U
Volstad, Chris SP FLA 21 248 RS P
monkeys - corey
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Mauer, Joe C MIN 2 14 A C
Teixeira, Mark 1B NYY 1 11 A 1B
Uggla, Dan 2B FLA 10 110 A 2B
Jones, Chipper 3B ATL 13 155 A 3B
Rollins, Jimmy SS PHI 4 38 A SS
Ethier, Andre RF LA 5 59 A OF
Hawpe, Brad RF COL 9 107 A OF
McCutchen, Andrew OF PIT 8 86 A OF
Lee, Derrek 1B CHC 7 83 A U
Blanton, Joe SP PHI 12 134 A P
Buehrle, Mark SP CHW 14 158 A P
Hanson, Tommy SP ATL 6 62 A P
Johnson, Josh SP FLA 3 35 A P
Niemann, Jeff SP TB 15 179 A P
Pavano, Carl SP MIN 16 182 A P
Wolf, Randy SP MIL 11 131 A P
LaRoche, Adam 1B ARI 17 203 RS 1B
Polanco, Placido 2B PHI 18 206 RS 2B
Theriot, Ryan SS CHC 20 230 RS SS
Cabrera, Melky CF ATL 22 254 RS OF
Hart, Corey C. RF MIL 19 227 RS OF
Chamberlain, Joba SP NYY 21 251 RS P
mudbutt - adam
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Martin, Russell C LA 12 140 A C
Fielder, Prince 1B MIL 1 5 A 1B
Roberts, Brian 2B BAL 6 68 A 2B
Ramirez, Aramis 3B CHC 5 53 A 3B
Bartlett, Jason SS TB 11 125 A SS
Abreu, Bobby RF ANA 10 116 A OF
McLouth, Nate CF ATL 15 173 A OF
Werth, Jayson RF PHI 7 77 A OF
Damon, Johnny LF DET 17 197 A U
Beckett, Josh SP BOS 3 29 A P
Cordero, Francisco RP CIN 13 149 A P
Danks, John SP CHW 8 92 A P
Feldman, Scott SP TEX 14 164 A P
Gallardo, Yovani SP MIL 4 44 A P
Nathan, Joe RP MIN 9 101 A P
Wainwright, Adam SP STL 2 20 A P
Jones, Garrett 1B PIT 18 212 RS 1B
Fukudome, Kosuke RF CHC 21 245 RS OF
Jackson, Conor LF ARI 20 236 RS OF
Ordonez, Magglio RF DET 22 260 RS OF
Wagner, Billy RP ATL 19 221 RS P
Zito, Barry SP SF 16 188 RS P
newyork jankees - Kerry
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
McCann, Brian C ATL 4 40 A C
Sandoval, Pablo 3B SF 2 16 A 1B
Phillips, Brandon 2B CIN 6 64 A 2B
DeRosa, Mark 3B SF 20 232 A 3B
Reyes, Jose B. SS NYM 3 33 A SS
Cuddyer, Michael RF MIN 10 112 A OF
Pence, Hunter RF HOU 11 129 A OF
Pierre, Juan LF CHW 16 184 A OF
Escobar, Alcides SS MIL 15 177 A U
Bailey, Homer SP CIN 13 153 A P
Billingsley, Chad SP LA 5 57 A P
Burnett, A.J. SP NYY 7 81 A P
Fuentes, Brian RP ANA 12 136 A P
Halladay, Roy SP PHI 1 9 A P
Scherzer, Max SP DET 9 105 A P
Wilson, Brian RP SF 8 88 A P
Huff, Aubrey 1B SF 22 256 RS 1B
Kotchman, Casey 1B SEA 21 249 RS 1B
Scutaro, Marco SS BOS 17 201 RS SS
Borbon, Julio CF TEX 18 208 RS OF
Hunter, Tommy SP TEX 19 225 RS P
Myers, Brett SP HOU 14 160 RS P
osu - josh
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Posada, Jorge C NYY 16 186 A C
Swisher, Nick CF NYY 14 162 A 1B
Pedroia, Dustin 2B BOS 3 31 A 2B
Longoria, Evan 3B TB 2 18 A 3B
Cabrera, Orlando SS CIN 15 175 A SS
Braun, Ryan J. LF MIL 1 7 A OF
Ramirez, Manny LF LA 6 66 A OF
Victorino, Shane CF PHI 8 90 A OF
Suzuki, Ichiro RF SEA 10 114 A U
Cain, Matt SP SF 4 42 A P
Cueto, Johnny SP CIN 13 151 A P
Jackson, Edwin SP ARI 9 103 A P
Lowe, Derek SP ATL 11 127 A P
Pettitte, Andy SP NYY 12 138 A P
Shields, James SP TB 7 79 A P
Weaver, Jered SP ANA 5 55 A P
Helton, Todd 1B COL 17 199 RS 1B
Johnson, Nick 1B NYY 18 210 RS 1B
Gutierrez, Franklin RF SEA 20 234 RS OF
Ludwick, Ryan RF STL 21 247 RS OF
Rasmus, Colby CF STL 19 223 RS OF
Reimold, Nolan OF BAL 22 258 RS OF
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Doumit, Ryan C PIT 19 226 A C
Loney, James 1B LA 12 135 A 1B
Barmes, Clint 2B COL 18 207 A 2B
Figgins, Chone 3B SEA 8 87 A 3B
Peralta, Jhonny 3B CLE 16 183 A SS
Beltran, Carlos CF NYM 7 82 A OF
Ibanez, Raul LF PHI 11 130 A OF
Markakis, Nick RF BAL 6 63 A OF
Rios, Alex RF CHW 15 178 A U
Carpenter, Chris SP STL 4 39 A P
Hernandez, Felix SP SEA 2 15 A P
Lee, Cliff SP SEA 3 34 A P
Oswalt, Roy SP HOU 10 111 A P
Sabathia, CC SP NYY 1 10 A P
Vazquez, Javier SP NYY 5 58 A P
Zambrano, Carlos SP CHC 9 106 A P
Blake, Casey 3B LA 21 250 RS 3B
Cameron, Mike CF BOS 22 255 RS OF
Morgan, Nyjer LF WAS 20 231 RS OF
Harden, Rich SP TEX 13 154 RS P
Lilly, Ted SP CHC 17 202 RS P
Valverde, Jose RP DET 14 159 RS P

And the chat transcripts. Remember, I will be available to answer personal questions during the draft:
Draft Room Chat Log
Date/Time Author Post
3/1/10 3:36 PM Eric Hello guys. It is Mock Draft Monday. I will be available to answer some questions while I am here.
3/1/10 3:39 PM todd I have a question sir, I can't seem to get MY rankings to come up in the draft room. Just wondering what I am doing wrong. I'm a 1st year CBS guy.
3/1/10 3:39 PM Eric did you click MrRnk?
3/1/10 3:39 PM Eric MyRnk, I mean
3/1/10 3:39 PM todd Yep.
3/1/10 3:43 PM Eric Hm. Trying to get an answer
3/1/10 3:43 PM Eric I am not sure how to set MyRnk for Mock Drafts.
3/1/10 3:43 PM Eric perhaps you know how to? Then I can find what is keeping it from working
3/1/10 3:44 PM Eric It might be we only support that for Fantasy Baseball LIVE drafts in real leagues, not Mock Drafts.
3/1/10 3:47 PM todd Yea, you may be right on that one. Hopefully, I'd hate to spend all that time ranking players and not be able to implement them to my draft. Thanks!
3/1/10 3:48 PM Eric I know for a fact it works in league draft rooms.
3/1/10 3:58 PM todd Eric, could you elaborate a bit on why you think B.J. Upton will bounce back this year.\
3/1/10 3:59 PM Eric A year further from surgery tends to help restore power numbers.
3/1/10 3:59 PM Eric Upton is still not yet at his prime and has .300-30-100-100-40 potential I am not willing to lose sight of.
3/1/10 3:59 PM corey ready
3/1/10 3:59 PM corey hello
3/1/10 4:03 PM Eric All, I am going to have to leave at 5 p.m. ET for a podcast, unfortunately... so we might not get through a lot of this at this rate.
3/1/10 4:04 PM jim if you leave go on auto
3/1/10 4:04 PM Eric Right.
3/1/10 4:04 PM Eric Just didn't want to sell people out
3/1/10 4:04 PM todd You may have to reintroduce yourself, Eric.
3/1/10 4:05 PM corey early for pablo
3/1/10 4:07 PM Eric I am Eric Mack of CBSSports.com and this is Mock Draft Monday, where you get to draft with a Fantasy writer.
3/1/10 4:07 PM Eric I am here to answer your questions, as we go.
3/1/10 4:07 PM jim IS JA HAPP ARELEVER TO
3/1/10 4:07 PM jim RELEIVER
3/1/10 4:07 PM Dave Johan before Haren Emac?
3/1/10 4:08 PM Eric J.A. Happ is RP eligible in CBSSports.com's standard leagues.
3/1/10 4:08 PM jim THATS BIG I THINK
3/1/10 4:08 PM Eric That is invaluable with the standard scoring system, especially in his two-start weeks.
3/1/10 4:08 PM jim WHO ELSE
3/1/10 4:08 PM Eric Phil Hughes will be
3/1/10 4:09 PM Eric Francisco Liriano
3/1/10 4:09 PM Eric Both nice sleepers.
3/1/10 4:09 PM jim GOTCHA
3/1/10 4:09 PM Eric I think Hughes beats out Joba Chamberlain to be the Yankees' No. 5 starter.
3/1/10 4:10 PM Eric minus -.5 for a hitter... not too bad
3/1/10 4:10 PM Eric plus .5 for a pitcher... not too much.
3/1/10 4:10 PM Eric it is more of a tiebreaker if two players are close, I say
3/1/10 4:10 PM john eric how do I get my status off of rookie?
3/1/10 4:10 PM john Thanks
3/1/10 4:10 PM Eric Joe Mauer should not have fallen out of Round 1 here.
3/1/10 4:11 PM jason my bad didnt know i was up
3/1/10 4:12 PM Eric I say around Round 7, unless a number of the elite ones are gone
3/1/10 4:12 PM Eric if they are gone... sit on that position
3/1/10 4:12 PM Eric I tend to agree... the Red Sox closer is the one to have.
3/1/10 4:12 PM Eric a great situation... and talent to match it.
3/1/10 4:13 PM Eric Yes.
3/1/10 4:14 PM Eric Lidge won't be challenged unless he falls completely on his face again.
3/1/10 4:14 PM Eric It will take injury at this point, I say.
3/1/10 4:15 PM jim EARLY FOR SUZ
3/1/10 4:15 PM Eric yeah... sleep long on catchers after Mauer, Martinez and McCann
3/1/10 4:16 PM jim PEAVEY WAS MINE
3/1/10 4:16 PM Eric Jeter is falling too far, but I couldn't bring myself to pick him.
3/1/10 4:20 PM Eric Elite aces are important in this format and I am confident I can construct a very good lineup because of my knowledge of hitting sleepers.
3/1/10 4:20 PM Eric Mashers and stud pitchers
3/1/10 4:21 PM Eric I like my team loaded with them
3/1/10 4:22 PM Eric I should have taken Dunn over Quentin
3/1/10 4:23 PM Eric that was a mistake.
3/1/10 4:23 PM Eric I like the Kershaw pick
3/1/10 4:25 PM jim KER SHAW HAS A HIGH WHIP
3/1/10 4:25 PM Eric Only due to walks. Those will come down in Year 3.
3/1/10 4:28 PM Eric Quentin and Hamilton on one team...
3/1/10 4:28 PM Eric this could be interesting. ... or a disaster.
3/1/10 4:32 PM Eric Went with some high upside guys there.
3/1/10 4:40 PM todd I think I have drafted Casey McGehee in every mock so far, do you like his potential?
3/1/10 4:41 PM Eric I don't/
3/1/10 4:41 PM Eric like Mat Gamel better
3/1/10 4:41 PM Eric I think Gamel earns that job this season at some point, due to more offensive potential
3/1/10 4:42 PM Eric McGehee is a bit overplayed
3/1/10 4:51 PM Eric A second catcher, just in case Wieters struggles.
3/1/10 4:56 PM Eric I only have 5 minutes left, folks
3/1/10 4:56 PM todd you like marlon byrd as a sleeper?
3/1/10 4:56 PM Eric in the late rounds, sure.
3/1/10 4:56 PM Eric I tend to believe he won't be as good as last year, though.
3/1/10 4:56 PM jim HOW ABUT CHRIS DAVIS
3/1/10 4:57 PM Eric Milton Bradley, a better hitter, struggled to go from Texas to Chicago -- albeit due to psychological issues.
3/1/10 4:57 PM Eric I like Chris Davis so much, I just picked him!
3/1/10 4:57 PM Eric A ton of power potential there.
3/1/10 4:58 PM Eric As did Quentin and Hamilton for me.
3/1/10 4:58 PM Eric I just love the elite power potential at the reduced cost.
3/1/10 4:58 PM todd Will Chris B. Young ever reach his potential?
3/1/10 4:58 PM Eric Another player I like late
3/1/10 4:58 PM Eric Age 27 season ... he will be his best yet.
3/1/10 4:58 PM todd Thanks for the insight today.
3/1/10 4:59 PM jim HOW BOUT MAGGLIO
3/1/10 4:59 PM Eric No problem. Join me every Monday for Mock Draft Monday
3/1/10 4:59 PM jim THX FOR YOUR HELP
3/1/10 4:59 PM Eric Magglio looks like he is past his prime... a good distant past his prime
3/1/10 4:59 PM Eric Distance
3/1/10 4:59 PM Eric with that said, he isn't a bad fall-back option late.
3/1/10 5:03 PM jim THX ALL GO WHITE SOX

Posted on: March 1, 2010 11:31 am
Edited on: March 1, 2010 11:59 am

CBSSports.com's ULTIMATE draft party

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- So you say you're a Fantasy freak. Let's find out: What would it take for you to miss your draft?

A hot date? Your wedding? Your anniversary?

How about being with your wife and just born first born?

That last obstacle wasn't good enough for Dean Weisgold from the Cheltenham Baseball league on CBSSports.com. Imagine being screamed at by your laboring wife while on speakphone with your leaguemates on Draft Day.

"You care more about your stupid Fantasy team than you do about me and the baby!" they heard in the background.

Save for the screaming wife and crying newborn, there was otherwise silence over the call at that point ...

"I'll take Cole Hamels," Weisgold responded, calmly, in Round 6.

That is what Weisgold had to endure because he hasn't missed a draft in a league that began some 22 years ago -- back when Fantasy scores where tabulated with pencil and paper and the results had to be U.S. snail mailed out. He hadn't let his Fantasy friends down before and he wasn't going to miss year the league's 20th-anniversary draft for the world.

The laboring wife was none too thrilled, but this story was written and submitted by leaguemate Doug Aaron at the urging of son David and wound up earning Weisgold and his Fantasy mates 12 flights from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Aaron's entry made the Cheltenham Baseball league winners of CBSSports.com's ULTIMATE Fantasy Baseball Draft Party, which paid for the flights, hotel accomodations, transportation, their league and a draft party attended by this Fantasy writer at the Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday, Feb. 27 (approximate retail value: $15,400).

In the end, the angst was worth it. They got to spend their draft away from the snowstorms in the northeast this past weekend, and did it on CBSSports.com's dime.

Coincidentally, we ranked Weisgold's team tops in the 11-team mixed Head-to-Head league with standard CBSSports.com scoring. If nothing else, he gets points for devotion to Fantasy Baseball.

Here are the results:

Draft Results
Round 1
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Pujols, Albert 1B STL
2 Michael Goldberg Ramirez, Hanley SS FLA
3 David Aaron Braun, Ryan J. LF MIL
4 John Warr Utley, Chase 2B PHI
5 Rob Quint Rodriguez, Alex 3B NYY
6 Dean Weisgold Fielder, Prince 1B MIL
7 Adam Weiss Mauer, Joe C MIN
8 Richard Kupersmith Teixeira, Mark 1B NYY
9 Dan Aaron Halladay, Roy SP PHI
10 Doug Aaron Lincecum, Tim SP SF
11 Fred Diamond Hernandez, Felix SP SEA
Round 2
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Howard, Ryan 1B PHI
2 Doug Aaron Holliday, Matt LF STL
3 Dan Aaron Jeter, Derek SS NYY
4 Richard Kupersmith Kinsler, Ian 2B TEX
5 Adam Weiss Longoria, Evan 3B TB
6 Dean Weisgold Cabrera, Miguel 1B DET
7 Rob Quint Tulowitzki, Troy SS COL
8 John Warr Wright, David 3B NYM
9 David Aaron Sabathia, CC SP NYY
10 Michael Goldberg Kemp, Matt CF LA
11 Steve Ryan Crawford, Carl LF TB
Round 3
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Greinke, Zack SP KC
2 Michael Goldberg Pedroia, Dustin 2B BOS
3 David Aaron Gonzalez, Adrian 1B SD
4 John Warr Ellsbury, Jacoby CF BOS
5 Rob Quint Verlander, Justin SP DET
6 Dean Weisgold Santana, Johan SP NYM
7 Adam Weiss Wainwright, Adam SP STL
8 Richard Kupersmith Reynolds, Mark 3B ARI
9 Dan Aaron Martinez, Victor C BOS
10 Doug Aaron Zimmerman, Ryan 3B WAS
11 Fred Diamond Rollins, Jimmy SS PHI
Round 4
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Sandoval, Pablo 3B SF
2 Doug Aaron Morneau, Justin 1B MIN
3 Dan Aaron Youkilis, Kevin 1B BOS
4 Richard Kupersmith Lester, Jon SP BOS
5 Adam Weiss Reyes, Jose B. SS NYM
6 Dean Weisgold Hill, Aaron 2B TOR
7 Rob Quint Cano, Rob Quintinson 2B NYY
8 John Warr Morales, Kendry 1B ANA
9 David Aaron Lind, Adam LF TOR
10 Michael Goldberg Haren, Dan SP ARI
11 Steve Ryan McCann, Brian C ATL
Round 5
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Granderson, Curtis CF NYY
2 Michael Goldberg Sizemore, Grady CF CLE
3 David Aaron Johnson, Josh SP FLA
4 John Warr Peavy, Jake SP CHW
5 Rob Quint Upton, Justin RF ARI
6 Dean Weisgold Lee, Cliff SP SEA
7 Adam Weiss Werth, Jayson RF PHI
8 Richard Kupersmith Hanson, Tommy SP ATL
9 Dan Aaron Beckett, Josh SP BOS
10 Doug Aaron Ethier, Andre RF LA
11 Fred Diamond Rob Quinterts, Brian 2B BAL
Round 6
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Bay, Jason LF NYM
2 Doug Aaron Zobrist, Ben 2B TB
3 Dan Aaron Upton, B.J. CF TB
4 Richard Kupersmith Gallardo, Yovani SP MIL
5 Adam Weiss Cain, Matt SP SF
6 Dean Weisgold Carpenter, Chris SP STL
7 Rob Quint Votto, Joey 1B CIN
8 John Warr Markakis, Nick RF BAL
9 David Aaron Ramirez, Manny LF LA
10 Michael Goldberg Vazquez, Javier SP NYY
11 Steve Ryan Kershaw, Clayton SP LA
Round 7
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Uggla, Dan 2B FLA
2 Michael Goldberg Dunn, Adam LF WAS
3 David Aaron Hamels, Cole SP PHI
4 John Warr Jimenez, Ubaldo SP COL
5 Rob Quint Lackey, John SP BOS
6 Dean Weisgold Quentin, Carlos LF CHW
7 Adam Weiss Suzuki, Ichiro RF SEA
8 Richard Kupersmith Cruz, Nelson R. RF TEX
9 Dan Aaron Papelbon, Jonathan RP BOS
10 Doug Aaron Webb, Brandon SP ARI
11 Fred Diamond Weaver, Jered SP ANA
Round 8
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Nathan, Joe RP MIN
2 Doug Aaron Rivera, Mariano RP NYY
3 Dan Aaron Broxton, Jonathan RP LA
4 Richard Kupersmith Ramirez, Alexei SS CHW
5 Adam Weiss Butler, Billy 1B KC
6 Dean Weisgold Lee, Carlos N. LF HOU
7 Rob Quint Rodriguez, Wandy SP HOU
8 John Warr Rodriguez, Francisco J. RP NYM
9 David Aaron Beckham, Gordon 3B CHW
10 Michael Goldberg Billingsley, Chad SP LA
11 Steve Ryan Berkman, Lance 1B HOU
Round 9
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Wilson, Brian RP SF
2 Michael Goldberg Kazmir, Scott SP ANA
3 David Aaron Wieters, Matt C BAL
4 John Warr Montero, Miguel C ARI
5 Rob Quint Posada, Jorge C NYY
6 Dean Weisgold Ramirez, Aramis 3B CHC
7 Adam Weiss Jones, Adam CF BAL
8 Richard Kupersmith Pence, Hunter RF HOU
9 Dan Aaron Sheets, Ben SP OAK
10 Doug Aaron Choo, Shin-Soo RF CLE
11 Fred Diamond Victorino, Shane CF PHI
Round 10
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Abreu, Bobby RF ANA
2 Doug Aaron Phillips, Brandon 2B CIN
3 Dan Aaron Polanco, Placido 2B PHI
4 Richard Kupersmith Bell, Heath RP SD
5 Adam Weiss Lopez, Jose 2B SEA
6 Dean Weisgold Hamilton, Josh CF TEX
7 Rob Quint Gonzalez, Carlos OF COL
8 John Warr Zambrano, Carlos SP CHC
9 David Aaron McCutchen, Andrew OF PIT
10 Michael Goldberg Figgins, Chone 3B SEA
11 Steve Ryan Bartlett, Jason SS TB
Round 11
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Burnett, A.J. SP NYY
2 Michael Goldberg Street, Huston RP COL
3 David Aaron Garza, Matt SP TB
4 John Warr Lee, Derrek 1B CHC
5 Rob Quint Shields, James SP TB
6 Dean Weisgold Jurrjens, Jair SP ATL
7 Adam Weiss Nolasco, Ricky SP FLA
8 Richard Kupersmith Baker, Scott SP MIN
9 Dan Aaron Stewart, Ian 3B COL
10 Doug Aaron Jackson, Edwin SP ARI
11 Fred Diamond Wolf, Randy SP MIL
Round 12
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Hunter, Torii CF ANA
2 Doug Aaron Scherzer, Max SP DET
3 Dan Aaron Ibanez, Raul LF PHI
4 Richard Kupersmith Soto, Geovany C CHC
5 Adam Weiss Danks, John SP CHW
6 Dean Weisgold Happ, J.A. SP PHI
7 Rob Quint Beltran, Carlos CF NYM
8 John Warr Bruce, Jay RF CIN
9 David Aaron Price, David SP TB
10 Michael Goldberg Cuddyer, Michael RF MIN
11 Steve Ryan McLouth, Nate CF ATL
Round 13
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Young, Michael 3B TEX
2 Michael Goldberg Oswalt, Roy SP HOU
3 David Aaron Fuentes, Brian RP ANA
4 John Warr Matsuzaka, Daisuke SP BOS
5 Rob Quint Hawpe, Brad RF COL
6 Dean Weisgold Floyd, Gavin SP CHW
7 Adam Weiss Kubel, Jason LF MIN
8 Richard Kupersmith Soria, Joakim RP KC
9 Dan Aaron Damon, Johnny LF DET
10 Doug Aaron Lowe, Derek SP ATL
11 Fred Diamond Martin, Russell C LA
Round 14
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Blanton, Joe SP PHI
2 Doug Aaron Molina, Bengie C SF
3 Dan Aaron Harden, Rich SP TEX
4 Richard Kupersmith Anderson, Brett SP OAK
5 Adam Weiss Aardsma, David RP SEA
6 Dean Weisgold Suzuki, Kurt C OAK
7 Rob Quint Pena, Carlos 1B TB
8 John Warr Cueto, Johnny SP CIN
9 David Aaron Franklin, Ryan RP STL
10 Michael Goldberg Wells, Vernon CF TOR
11 Steve Ryan Lilly, Ted SP CHC
Round 15
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Rasmus, Colby CF STL
2 Michael Goldberg Cantu, Jorge 1B FLA
3 David Aaron Andrus, Elvis SS TEX
4 John Warr Valverde, Jose RP DET
5 Rob Quint Soriano, Alfonso LF CHC
6 Dean Weisgold Soriano, Rafael RP TB
7 Adam Weiss Heyward, Jason OF ATL
8 Richard Kupersmith Rios, Alex RF CHW
9 Dan Aaron Pettitte, Andy SP NYY
10 Doug Aaron Span, Denard RF MIN
11 Fred Diamond Morgan, Nyjer LF WAS
Round 16
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Hudson, Tim SP ATL
2 Doug Aaron Hoffman, Trevor RP MIL
3 Dan Aaron Hudson, Orlando 2B MIN
4 Richard Kupersmith Konerko, Paul 1B CHW
5 Adam Weiss Porcello, Rick SP DET
6 Dean Weisgold Drew, Stephen SS ARI
7 Rob Quint Marmol, Carlos RP CHC
8 John Warr Young, Chris B. CF ARI
9 David Aaron Strasburg, Stephen SP WAS
10 Michael Goldberg Bailey, Andrew RP OAK
11 Steve Ryan Liriano, Francisco SP MIN
Round 17
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Cordero, Francisco RP CIN
2 Michael Goldberg Sanchez, Jonathan O. SP SF
3 David Aaron Jones, Garrett 1B PIT
4 John Warr De La Rosa, Jorge SP COL
5 Rob Quint Hughes, Phil SP NYY
6 Dean Weisgold Jones, Chipper 3B ATL
7 Adam Weiss Lidge, Brad RP PHI
8 Richard Kupersmith Buchholz, Clay SP BOS
9 Dan Aaron Ortiz, David DH BOS
10 Doug Aaron Kuroda, Hiroki SP LA
11 Fred Diamond Wood, Kerry RP CLE
Round 18
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Swisher, Nick CF NYY
2 Doug Aaron Coghlan, Chris LF FLA
3 Dan Aaron Loney, James 1B LA
4 Richard Kupersmith Davis, Chris 1B TEX
5 Adam Weiss Dempster, Ryan SP CHC
6 Dean Weisgold Guerrero, Vladimir DH TEX
7 Rob Quint Cabrera, Asdrubal SS CLE
8 John Warr Escobar, Alcides SS MIL
9 David Aaron Prado, Martin 2B ATL
10 Michael Goldberg Matusz, Brian SP BAL
11 Steve Ryan Blanks, Kyle RF SD
Round 19
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Ludwick, Ryan RF STL
2 Michael Goldberg Wagner, Billy RP ATL
3 David Aaron Borbon, Julio CF TEX
4 John Warr Weeks, Rickie 2B MIL
5 Rob Quint Maine, John SP NYM
6 Dean Weisgold Escobar, Yunel SS ATL
7 Adam Weiss Feldman, Scott SP TEX
8 Richard Kupersmith Francisco, Frank RP TEX
9 Dan Aaron Matsui, Hideki DH ANA
10 Doug Aaron Hardy, J.J. SS MIN
11 Fred Diamond Saunders, Joe SP ANA
Round 20
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Buehrle, Mark SP CHW
2 Doug Aaron Penny, Brad SP STL
3 Dan Aaron Pierre, Juan LF CHW
4 Richard Kupersmith Snider, Travis OF TOR
5 Adam Weiss LaRoche, Adam 1B ARI
6 Dean Weisgold Jenks, Bobby RP CHW
7 Rob Quint Nunez, Leo RP FLA
8 John Warr Marcum, Shaun SP TOR
9 David Aaron Feliz, Neftali RP TEX
10 Michael Goldberg Santana, Ervin SP ANA
11 Steve Ryan Tejada, Miguel SS BAL
Round 21
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Slowey, Kevin SP MIN
2 Michael Goldberg Molina, Yadier C STL
3 David Aaron Morrow, Brandon SP TOR
4 John Warr Kendrick, Howie 2B ANA
5 Rob Quint Chamberlain, Joba SP NYY
6 Dean Weisgold Doumit, Ryan C PIT
7 Adam Weiss Beltre, Adrian 3B BOS
8 Richard Kupersmith Stubbs, Drew OF CIN
9 Dan Aaron Ruiz, Carlos C PHI
10 Doug Aaron Bailey, Homer SP CIN
11 Fred Diamond Eaton, Adam SP UFA

In a quick post-draft review -- real quick, like just a few minutes -- we ranked the drafted teams in the following order:

1. Dean Weisgold
2. Michael Goldberg
3. Steve Ryan
4. Fred Diamond
5. Rob Quint
6. David Aaron
7. Doug Aaron
8. Adam Weiss
9. Dan Aaron
10. Richard Kupersmith
11. John Warr

It was real tough to slot most of the teams in any order, because they are so closely bunched. This draft went about the way most CBSSports.com standard drafts will go, save for some early picks with the hometown Phillies. The fact free agent Adam Eaton was picked at all -- fittingly as Mr. Irrelevant as the last pick overall -- was merely a tribute to rooting for the home team. They are from Philly, after-all, most of them doning the team colors Saturday.

The winning entrant's teenage son, David, did get chastised (slightly) for selecting Braun No. 3 overall, before the likes of A-Rod, Utley or Mauer. Poor kid.

But it wasn't as bad as the pregame Syracuse-Villanova college basketball smack talk (again, it was Philly crowd), becaue David was wearing a Villanova hat. This Fantasy writer was schooled at Syracuse. David was reminded not only is Syracuse better at basketball, but it also has a much more well-regarded journalism program. He wants to become a Fantasy writer some day, perhaps.

It is a good thing his draft went a lot better than the Wildcats' game that night. Despite that setback, David and the rest of the Cheltenham crew seemed to enjoy their prize -- save for Mrs. Weisgold and baby, who is now almost 2 years old.

Unfortunately, they didn't make the trip.

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