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Pedroia vs. Tulowitzki

Someone took offense to my Dustin Pedroia analysis off the news that he could be moved to shortstop. It read:
"The dual eligibility for Pedroia would be huge for him in Fantasy because the shortstop position is far thinner than second base now. Consider him a top five second baseman and perhaps the second shortstop behind Hanley Ramirez and ahead of Troy Tulowitzki and Jose B. Reyes and company."

The complaint:
whoever wrote this analysis thinking pedroia slots in ahead of troy tulowitzki is a moron. Avg is slightly higher, HR way lower, RBI way lower, SB a wash, Runs slightly higher, OBP a wash...i'll take the 30 bombs and 100 RBI from Tulo thanks! (by  kristoff119 12/01/2009 2:04 pm EST)

My response in the player feedback area:
Wrong, kristoff119. Pedroia outscored Tulo in a standard scoring system last year. Also, Pedroia has proven consistent year-to-year and proven to remain more healthy. Tulo does have a higher ceiling, yes, but Pedroia -- especially with dual eligibility -- should hold more value on Draft Day. (by  Eric Mack 12/01/2009 2:39 pm EST) 


the moron that gets paid to do what you choose to do in your free time, Emack.

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Emack's All-Star Roster Projections

I followed the rules and had every team represented. Many were easy ... and I am sure I have some ommissions, but I had to. I still think the AL will take 12-plus pitchers, too.

AL -- 31
C -- 3
1. Joe Mauer MIN
2. Victor Martinez CLE
3. Jason Varitek BOS

1B -- 3
1. Kevin Youkilis BOS
2. Justin Morneau MIN
3. Mark Teixeira NYY

2B -- 3
1. Ian Kinsler TEX
2. Aaron Hill TOR
3. Dustin Pedroia BOS/Robinson Cano NYY

3B -- 2
1. Evan Longoria TB
2. Mike Lowell BOS/Alex Rodriguez NYY

SS -- 3
1. Derek Jeter NYY
2. Jason Bartlett TB
3. Marco Scutaro TOR

OF -- 6
1. Jason Bay BOS
2. Ichiro Suzuki SEA
3. Carl Crawford TB
4. Torii Hunter LAA
5. Adam Jones BAL
6. Nelson Cruz TEX

SP -- 6
1. Roy Halladay TOR
2. Zack Greinke KC
3. Justin Verlander DET
4. Kevin Slowey MIN
5. Mark Buehrle CHW
6. Matt Garza TB ... Rays manager will take one of his pitchers

RP -- 5
1. Jonathan Papelbon BOS
2. Frank Francisco TEX
3. Mariano Rivera NYY
4. Joe Nathan MIN
5. Andrew Bailey OAK

NL -- 31
C -- 3
1. Yadier Molina STL
2. Brian McCann ATL
3. Bengie Molina SF

1B -- 3
1. Albert Pujols STL
2. Adrian Gonzalez SD
3. Ryan Howard PHI

2B -- 2
1. Chase Utley PHI
2. Orlando Hudson LAD

3B -- 3
1. David Wright NYM
2. Ryan Zimmerman WAS
3. Mark Reynolds ARI

SS -- 2
1. Hanley Ramirez FLA
2. Miguel Tejada HOU

OF -- 6
1. Raul Ibanez PHI
2. Ryan Braun MIL
3. Alfonso Soriano CHC
4. Carlos Beltran NYM
5. Adam Dunn WAS
6. Brad Hawpe COL

SP -- 6
1. Johan Santana NYM
2. Chad Billingsley LAD
3. Dan Haren ARI
4. Tim Lincecum SF
5. Zach Duke PIT
6. Wandy Rodriguez HOU

RP -- 6
1. Francisco Rodriguez NYM
2. Jonathan Broxton LAD
3. Heath Bell SD
4. Ryan Franklin STL
5. Trevor Hoffman SD
6. Francisco Cordero CIN

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My Tout Wars bio

I took some time today to write my player bio for Tout Wars ... excuse me using the third person:

Eric Mack

Eric Mack is the Senior Fantasy Writer at CBSSports.com, which is based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. You can follow his stories and blog ramblings there, where goes by the alias Emack.

lthough he has never been a participant in Tout Wars before, Emack feels like he has been a part of it, being a big fan of the book that made it famous, FantasyLand. He read it in one sitting, getting lost in it, and wishes he could write something so engaging and clever.

He is embarrassed to never have been nominated for a FSWA award, but he has been recognized by the New York Press Association as an award-winning sportswriter. That came back when he was a student at Syracuse University (Class of ’98), which he believed was the best journalism school in the world until he saw CBSSports.com rival Matthew Berry was from there, too. (Don’t hold it against any of those parties involved, Emack is just jealous Berry is on the Newhouse wall of fame and he is not).

Emack’s Fantasy-writing deficiencies aside, his life-committed goal is compete against and beat the best in Fantasy Baseball and prove the dominance of CBSSports.com in the industry. The serious players play there and Eric does his best to stay a step ahead of the most intense Fantasy Baseball players in the world.

He began playing Fantasy Baseball back in the heyday of the USA Today sports section in the late ‘80s and the beginning of Baseball Weekly, which he regards as the reason he is where he is now. While he loved those publications and didn’t mind tallying Fantasy league standings with pencil and paper, he thanks the advent of the internet (Al Gore’s invention!?) and the wonders if instantaneous live scoring online.

Emack is entering his 11th year at CBSSports.com, where he started as a newsroom editor and quickly became the button pusher during Mark McGwire’s Run for 61 in 1998. His passion and knowledge of baseball down through the depths of the minor leagues led him to become a Senior Fantasy Writer six years later.

Emack graciously accepts the invitation to compete here and is determined to take down the defending Mixed League champion, David Gonos, whom he still plays softball with even though they no longer work side-by-side in South Florida. Did Emack mention he believes CBSSports.com is the best? Let's get it on.




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John Dewan's Stat of the Week

The latest Stat of the Week, reprinted with permission:

Who has the best outfield defense?

February 27, 2009

In 2008, it wasn't close.  The New York Mets clearly had the best defense, based on Defensive Runs Saved from The Fielding Bible—Volume II.  Outfielders saved 56 runs for the Mets last year.  Using the rule of thumb that the value of a win is about 10 runs, that's five to six extra victories based on outfield defense alone for the Metropolitans in 2008.  Fielding Bible Award and Gold Glove winner, Carlos Beltran, led the way in center field. He was flanked most often, on either side, by defensive stalwart, Endy Chavez. Beltran saved 21 runs, but Chavez saved eight runs in left field and eight more in right, for a total of 16 runs. That's just a few runs less than Beltran in over 100 fewer games started in the outfield. That's defense.

The Baltimore Orioles and the Cleveland Indians were the American League leaders. Baltimore outfielders saved about 45 runs and Cleveland's saved about 37, both well short of the Mets total of 56. The leading American League outfielder in defensive runs saved was the Fielding Bible Award winner in right field, Franklin Gutierrez of the Tribe. He didn't start as few games as Chavez, but his runs saved total was equally remarkable. He saved 22 runs in 85 starts in right field in 2008.

For those of you following the transactions, you may know where this is going.  Endy Chavez is no longer with the Mets and Franklin Gutierrez is no longer with the Indians.  Where are they?  Both of them are now members of the Seattle Mariners.  Add Ichiro to the mix and you have a pretty good idea of where the best defensive outfield in 2009 is going to be.  Gutierrez is moving to center field where his right-field-class arm will be a tremendous asset and his pure athletic ability will serve him, and the Mariners, well.

The Fielding Bible—Volume II is all about runs, just like the game itself.  We've taken our defensive methods that we've developed and converted them into Defensive Runs Saved.  For outfielders we measure range with the Plus/Minus System and use baserunner kills along with the frequency of baserunner advancement to up come with runs saved based on arm strength.  We've done the same sort of thing for other positions factoring in defensive ability fielding bunts, turning double plays, preventing stolen bases on the part of both the pitcher and the catcher, and the catcher's ability to hold down his pitcher's ERA by calling a good game.  The top defenders based on runs saved at each position in 2008 were:

              Pitcher - Kenny Rogers, 15 runs saved
              Catcher - Jason Kendall/Jose Molina, 12
              First Base - Mark Teixeira, 17
              Second Base - Chase Utley, 33
              Third Base - Adrian Beltre, 24
              Shortstop - Jimmy Rollins,15
              Left Field - Carl Crawford/Willie Harris, 13
              Center Field - Carlos Beltran, 21
              Right Field - Franklin Gutierrez, 22

Source: The Fielding Bible—Volume II (now shipping).

Copyright © 2009 by John Dewan.
Permission to reprint or broadcast this information is granted only if used in conjunction with the following citation: "Used with permission from John Dewan's Stat of the Week™, www.statoftheweek.com."


I found this one very interesting. Outfield defense has a huge correlation with pitchers' ERAs. I think you will be surprised by the teams with the best outfield play, including the Orioles, Mets, Indians, Mariners. There are some sleeper pitchers on those teams to pick up in Fantasy.


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Emack's WBC preview and picks

I love the WBC and as MLB players report to their teams for this weekend's openers, I wanted to map out the event. Can't wait to see the Dominican Republic monster play the O's on Wednesday, too.

Round 1

Pool A in Toyko -- Japan, South Korea, China and Chinese Taipei

Japan and South Korea got through last time fairly easily and were tough in the semifinals. The Red Sox's Dice-K and O's Koji Uehara pitched Japan to the title last time around.

Pool B in Mexico City -- Cuba, Mexico, Australia and South Africa

This is easily the weekest pool of the four. Cuba and Mexico figure to cruise. Cuba was tough last time with Yuinesky Gourriel and company. They will be in the final four, if not the championship again.

Pool C in Toronto -- USA, Venezuela, Canada and Italy

Canada beat Team USA last time with Dontrelle Willis getting exposed, but USA and Venezuela should make it through. Both those teams are a threat to win it all ... or go quietly like they did last time.

Pool D in Puerto Rico -- Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama and Netherlands

The Dominican is the favorite in my eyes. Their pitching staff of Edinson Volquez, Ubaldo Jimenez, Johnny Cueto and Pedro Martinez is arguably as good as any. And that lineup is strong as always, even without Manny Ramirez. A-Rod is on board, though, and he is plenty motivated to stick it to Team USA and Derek Jeter. DR and Puerto Rico are too proud to stumble. They will dominate here and cruise.

Round 2

Pool 1 in San Diego -- Cuba, Japan, Korea and Mexico

Korea was a real live 'dog last time around, but you have to figure Cuba and Japan will survive to the Final Four. You shouldn't be shocked to see any two come out of this group. Wow, is this event great or what?

Pool 2 in Miami -- Dominican Republic, USA, Puerto Rico and Venezuela

I struggled to determine the order here, but the Dominican is my favorite to win and Team USA should be deep enough to overcome the immense pride of PR and Venezuela. Geez, I hope USA gets out of pool play this time around. It will serve the event a huge favor, because if USA is in the hunt, it will create buzz here. This tourney deserves it.

The Final Four

This is a single-elimination round, which means great teams will be done in by their starting pitcher, perhaps. My four are Dominican Republic, USA, Cuba and Japan (in that order). DR defeats Japan and Team USA defeats Cuba. The sleepers to reach this group are Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Those teams are good enough to win it all, even if I didn't pick them for the final four. Korea was a big factor last time, but you have to figure the depth of my top six will be better prepared for those upstarts this time around.

The Championship

Dominican Republic vs. Team USA

Edinson Volquez vs. Roy Oswalt. I like our chances, but I cannot be too homerish to pick Team USA. The tournament was decided last time by stud pitching and hot bats. The Dominican team will have both.

But... go USA, regardless!



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Orioles-Cardinals, Feb. 26

FORT LAUDERDALE -- The Cardinals make their first stop here and the Orioles play more of their regulars in Game 2:

-- Danys Baez is back from Tommy John surgery. You have to figure a rotation spot is his if he proves healthy. So far so good. Baez is nothing more than a deeper AL-only option because the Orioles are a non-contender in the AL Beast.

-- Baez struggled through one inning, walking three and allowing a two-run double to Yadier Molina.

-- Joe Mather of the Cardinals was playing third. That is interesting with the crowd in the outfield and the loss of Troy Glaus for the start of the season. David Freese is supposed to start opening day, but if Mather can prove capable defensively, he is a nice sleeper in deeper formats. Outfield and third base eligibility will help his case.

-- Mather made a show-stopping grab and throw to rob Nick Markakis of a double. Later, he did drop a relay from right that would have nailed the runner at third.

-- Colby Rasmus must have the same stylist as Chase Utley. He rocks the slicked-back doo. He has swagger. Swing. And speed. He just stole second without a throw. He is a big-time sleeper in deeper formats, especially if he makes the team as a starter in that crowded outfield.

-- Kyle Lohse cruised through one inning, but he was beat up on two-run homers by Triple-A leadoff man Justin Christian and mashing prospect Nolan Reimold. Felix Pie and Ryan Freel might share at-bats in left field to start the season, but Reimold will be a starter before the end of the season.

There is legit power in Reimold's bat. He could be a 25-30 homer guy annually. He will be an impact player in deeper formats come September, perhaps even August.

-- A two-run bloop single for Reimold. He is wearing No. 60... that is the number Markakis wore when he surprised everyone and made the team out of spring training a few years ago. Reimold would be my opening day left fielder over Pie or Freel. We haven't seen Pie yet because he showed late with a visa problem.

-- Markakis slashed a double to right and legged it out. The Orioles want him to run more on the bases. Markakis is a little tentative, but he has the speed to be a 20-steal guy to go with his 25-30 homers.

-- Chris Perez came on for the Cardinals. I wanted to annoint him the closer, but he didn't really impress. Luis Montanez gapped a double off him and Aubrey Huff hit a ball that would have been a homer to right-center if the wind wasn't blowing in. He looks like a closer with that Mitch Williams-like hair.

-- Another Tommy John returnee debuts for the O's, former closer -- future closer -- Chris Ray. He didn't have an easy task against Rasmus, Ryan Ludwick and Chris Duncan, there decent bats in the middle innings of an early spring game. Ray retired Rasmus and Ludwick on lazy pops, Duncan (a lefty) struck out swinging. I am going to see what he has to say today. I might also try to catch Rasmus and Ludwick.

"It felt good to get out there in a big league game, especially when you get three outs like that, it's a good feeling," Ray said. "It's a good feeling to get anybody out at this point."

Ray said his elbow feels great and he doesn't need even need ice at this point.

"I just love the bullpen," Ray said of not returning as the O's closer. "Whevere he has me throwing, whether it's the ninth or the seventh."

What about being a closer later this season.

"Hopefully everybody in the bullpen has got a zero, we're winning games and everything stays the same," he said.

We don't buy it. Once a closer, always a closer, mentally. He wants to get back to that role.

"I want guys to make it tough for me," manager Dave Trembley said. "(Ray) left with a smile on his face. That's really important. You got to tip your cap to the guy. He has worked very hard to get to this point. We're glad to have him back."

-- Matt Albers, coming off shoulder surgery, made it through his spring debut smoothly, too. "It still takes me a little longer than I'd like to get ready," he said. "Now in the starting rotation I have a lot more time to get loose and really ready. Once I get loose now, everything feels real good. I'm thrown into the rotation (mix), which would be nice and probably help my shoulder out. Obviously, I have to prove my way into the rotation."

-- Cardinals pitching prospect Jess Todd was rapped around a little. I am going to assume already, he is no candidate to make the team. The prospect has potential, but that potential will have to be proven in Triple-A first.

-- 2008 No. 1 pick Brett Wallace came into the game later as the DH. He looks like a slightly smaller version of Prince Fielder. He is a portly fellow. Good thing the MLB draft doesn't have a combine, because he can hit but he might not have graded that highly in athleticism.

-- Jon Jay looked a lot more athletic and prospect-like. It is too crowded in the St. Louis outfield right now, but he could have a chance to help as a reserve down the road.

-- On Christian: "He came to me and told me he was my sleeper," Trembley said.


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Draft Hanley Ramirez No. 1 in all formats

We rarely change the projections of the elite players if they are not injured, but Hanley Ramirez is hitting third now for the Marlins instead of leadoff.

Other than the idle talk of Jose B. Reyes or Alfonso Soriano moving to the three-hole, Ramirez actually will. NL ROY candidate Cameron Maybin will lead off.

The move caused us to drop Ramirez's runs scored from 120 to 100, but it added RBI from 75 up to 110. We also had to knock off a couple of steals 40 to 38.

Those changes keep Ramirez the No. 1 overall player in Rotisserie formats and now has him also the No. 1 in CBSSports.com standard scoring Head-to-Head rankings. Alex Rodriguez was No. 1 in that format, but the added RBI for Ramirez propels him to the top there now, too. So, Hanley Ramirez... take him No. 1 overall every format.


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