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Posted on: March 17, 2009 2:31 pm

The Price Isn't Right

While a couple of Dodgers will be on the Price is Right on Wednesday, David Price is looking more and more likely to open the year back in Triple-A.

That means all those people drafting him in the 10-12th rounds are overpaying steeply for his services.

I just picked up Jeff Niemann in the AL-only Head-to-Head Analysts league on CBSSports.com. He is a decent young starter out of options and a solid sleeper now, since he figures to win Price's rotation spot.

"We want to see more command of his fastball," Rays manager Joe Maddon said of Price.

Ew... I guess we will have another Price Watch the first few months of the 2009 season, too.


Posted on: September 18, 2008 11:02 am

Video notes for Pitching Planner

-- Ben Sheets was scheduled to a two-start pitcher, but he walked off early Wednesday night. What to do?
-- There currently are a lot of aces on the two-start pitchers report. It is pretty timely in the crucial final week for Fantasy owners, right?
-- Freddy An. Garcia made a pretty nice return Wednesday and might be a two-start pitcher himself. He has to be a guy to trust, no?
-- Well, it finally happened -- probably too little, too late -- but David Price is here and might actually start now. Maybe even two starts.

Must-start, two-start pitcher
Ricky Nolasco FLA
(09/22) @ CIN Aaron Harang
(09/27) @ NYM Jonathon Niese
93 percent owned 72 percent starting

Two-start pitcher to sit
Tim Wakefield BOS
(09/23) vs. CLE Cliff Lee 
(09/28) vs. NYY Mike Mussina
52 percent owned 27 percent starting

Two-start sleepers
Edwin Jackson TB
(09/23) @ BAL Radhames Liz
(09/28) @ DET Freddy Garcia
48 percent owned 25 percent starting

Jonathon Niese NYM
(09/22) vs. CHC Jason Marquis
(09/27) vs. FLA Ricky Nolasco
7 percent owned 3 percent starting


Posted on: September 4, 2008 10:17 am

Video notes for Pitching Planner

-- Cubs have some injury woes. Big Z, Rich Harden... Are these guys toast for Fantasy purposes?
-- Another contender, the Angels, have some struggling starters. They are slotting Dustin Moseley in the rotation and moving back Jered Weaver. Are these guys in operation shutdown with the big lead in their division?
-- OK, we have some September call-ups making mess of rotations, are there some more on the way? Phil Hughes/Ian Kennedy/Price graphic
-- Who are the No. 5 starters for the Mets and Red Sox? Bartolo Colon graphic

Must-start, two-start pitcher
Clayton Kershaw LA
(09/08) @ SD Cha Seung Baek
(09/14) @ COL Livan Hernandez
59 percent owned 28 percent starting

Two-start pitcher to sit
Edwin Jackson TB
(09/08) @ BOS Jon Lester
(09/14) @ NYY Carl Pavano
54 percent owned 32 percent starting

Two-start sleepers
Anthony Reyes CLE
(09/10) @ BAL Chris Waters
(09/14) vs. KC Kyle Davies
37 percent owned 22 percent starting

Jeff Suppan MIL
(09/09) vs. CIN Josh Fogg
(09/14) @ PHI Joe Blanton
42 percent owned 31 percent starting


Posted on: August 28, 2008 11:07 am

Video notes for Pitching Planner

-- What the heck is wrong with Brandon Webb and Carlos Zambrano? Don't they realize it is Fantasy crunch time?
-- September call-ups... can these guys make an impact? Emack yaps about Brandon Morrow and Jonathon Niese.
-- Uh, Emack, hello David Price ... where he at dog? You're looking foolish here, bro
-- You talked about trusting young pitchers... Tim Lincecum is pretty remarkable. You gotta trust this guy, right?

Must-start, two-start pitcher
Josh Johnson FLA
(09/01) vs. ATL Mike Hampton
(09/07) @ STL Adam Wainwright
73 percent starting 52 percent owned

Two-start pitcher to sit
Joe Saunders ANA
(09/02) @ DET Justin Verlander
(09/07) @ CHW John Danks
95 percent owned 70 percent starting

Two-start sleepers
Jason Marquis CHC
(09/01) vs. HOU Roy Oswalt
(09/07) @ CIN TBA
26 percent owned 14 percent starting

Mike Hampton ATL
(09/01) @ FLA Josh Johnson
(09/06) vs. WAS Tim Redding
8 percent owned 4 percent starting


Posted on: August 14, 2008 9:55 am

Video notes for Pitching Planner

-- Paul Byrd traded to the Red Sox. Is this a move because they fear the worst with Tim Wakefield?
-- David Price is not here Aug. 1 like you said. He has moved up to Triple-A but got beat up, what's up with that?
-- John Maine returned with five solid innings. Could the Mets really consider using him, Oliver Perez or Mike Pelfrey in the bullpen?
-- Who are some of the next pitchers to return from injury that we can pick up? Phil Hughes. Adam Wainwright. Joba Chamberlain. Carl Pavano. Andrew Miller. Bartolo Colon.

Must-start, two-start pitcher
Joe Blanton PHI
(08/19) vs. WAS Jason Bergmann 
(08/24) vs. LA Brad Penny 
70 percent owned 46 percent starting

Must-sit, two-start pitcher
Brad Penny LA
(08/19) vs. COL Jeff Francis
(08/24) @ PHI Joe Blanton
73 percent owned 37 percent starting

Two-start sleepers
Anthony Reyes CLE
(08/19) vs. KC Luke Hochevar
(08/24) @ TEX Luis Mendoza
24 percent starting 15 percent owned

Jeff Francis COL
(08/19) @ LA Brad Penny
(08/24) vs. CIN Josh Fogg
50 percent owned 27 percent starting 


Posted on: August 1, 2008 12:54 pm

Liriano getting the call

Francisco Liriano is on his way to the major leagues. Pick him up in all leagues immediately. He was pulled from his start in Triple-A on Friday night and should make a start over the weekend, pushing others in the Twins rotation back. Livan Hernandez will be traded, released or sent to the bullpen.

Now, the David Price clock is the one to be watching every day... Price makes a start in Double-A this weekend, but he could be called up to Triple-A Durham thereafter. He needs to be challenged.


Posted on: July 29, 2008 10:38 am
Edited on: July 29, 2008 10:44 am

Another great night for Price

Hate to further roll the hype machine on David Price, but he was spectacular again after allowing a first-inning homer to Matt Gamel on Monday night.

He went a career-high eight innings with only 91 pitches, allowing just two solo homers, striking out seven and walking none.

The Huntsville Times headline: "Should Price expect call-up soon?"

"I just take it one game at a time down here and expect a call every morning saying I'm going to Tampa," Price told the paper. "Until I get that call-up, I'm working hard, anxious. I want it more than anything. Every day, it crosses my mind. Every time I see professional baseball on TV, I say I can play with those guys and compete against those guys."

Price is as confident and competitive as they come. Remember, after his pro debut in Class A against rehabbing Pedro Martinez, Price said: "I hope someday Pedro tells his grandchildren he once pitched against me."

That's a future Hall of Famer he was talking about in Pedro.

With his eight-inning two-hitter, Price has thrown 73 2/3 innings with 69 strikeouts, allowing just 56 hits. Last year at Vandy he set a single-season record with 194 strikeouts in 133 1/3 innings at Vanderbilt.

"I felt good tonight," Price told the paper. "I think I threw 91 pitches through eight innings -- very efficient. I don't feel any pressure at all. My expectations for myself exceed everybody's expectations for me."

Price told the paper he worked in 11 changeups -- seven for strikes -- and is gaining confidence in his third pitch.

"He's a pretty polished guy, and there are not a lot of glaring weaknesses in his game," his Double-A manager Billy Gardner Jr. told the paper. "But because his fastball and his slider are so dominant, he doesn't really have to throw his changeup much. He understands that he needs that changeup and needs to learn to go back-and-forth between speeds."

Eight innings is a real good sign Price is ready, so Andy Sonnanstine and Edwin Jackson could be headed to the bullpen in August.

"I think he's close," Gardner told the paper. "There are some things he needs to work on, but if you look at the overall package, he has the stuff and the makeup."


Posted on: July 24, 2008 10:28 am

Video notes for Pitching Planner

This week's video notes for the Pitching Planner:

-- I think Francisco Liriano arrives next week ...
-- The calendar is turning to August, so David Price might not be far behind. Clayton Kershaw is already back, don't sleep on him.
-- Trade deadline any pitchers going to get dealt? Yes, but the real impact ones A.J. Burnett and Erik Bedard might stay put -- Bedard certainly will
-- Which of these potentially on the move could get the biggest bump? Jarrod Washburn, Greg Maddux, Livan Hernandez, Bronson Arroyo
-- We saw Jon Rauch get dealt this week ... How about closers on the move? George Sherrill, Brian Fuentes, Huston Street

Must-start, two-start pitcher
Armando Galarraga DET
(07/29) @ CLE Aaron Laffey
(08/03) @ TB James Shields
73 percent owned 47 percent starting

Sit, two-start pitcher
Jered Weaver ANA
(07/28) @ BOS Daisuke Matsuzaka
(08/02) @ NYY Darrell Rasner
94 percent owned 66 percent starting

Two-start sleepers
Kenny Rogers DET
(07/28) @ CLE Paul Byrd
(08/02) @ TB Andy Sonnanstine
36 percent owned 25 percent starting

Anibal Sanchez FLA
(07/28) vs. NYM John Maine
(08/02) vs. COL TBA 
7 percent owned 2 percent starting


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