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Posted on: March 5, 2009 1:20 pm
Edited on: March 5, 2009 1:30 pm

Marlins at Orioles

FORT LAUDERDALE -- It's the Marlins as the away team in South Florida, facing the O's:

-- Dallas McPherson is here. I really want to know why the Marlins don't consider giving him a starting job. He hit 42 bombs last year. Instead the Marlins are keeping butcher Jorge Cantu at third and starting Gaby Sanchez at first, perhaps. The Marlins do say Emilio Bonifacio, a contact-hitting burner, could play third. The Marlins have power, they say, but want less strikeouts, better defense and more athleticism.

-- Radhames Liz got the start for the O's. He has a great arm, but I don't think he stands a chance to make the O's rotation right now. He might wind up in the bullpen -- perhaps for good.

-- Andrew Miller today for the Marlins -- a chance to check out his new arm slot that is supposed to fix his control and command issues. First delivery, juuuuuust a bit outside. Ryan P. Freel walked. Later in the first... Scott Moore took one off the temple. Um, interesting.

-- Freel stole third off Miller, who didn't pay any attention to him. Freel can swipe 20-plus bases as a reserve for AL-only Rotisserie owners. He will be versatile, too.

-- Matt Wieters is hitting right-handed today. I think he is going to be awesome from the left side and more-like serviceable from the right side. Wieters blooped a single to right.


Posted on: May 1, 2008 3:21 pm

An extension of the Prospect Report

I am biased, but the most important piece of content to consume every week -- outside of the pitching planner and daily roster trends and most-viewed players, of course  -- is the Prospect Report every Thursday.

If you followed that story, you would have had Max Scherzer on your roster right now and feeling real cool. This week we hype him and Adenhart as impact starting pitcher call-ups on top contenders, but you might want to know a few names I think have to be stashed weeks in advance.

The up arrows tend to outline them, but here are some names you will want to be more proactive on. We will call it the On the Verge we used to have in the report a year ago:

  1. Clayton Kershaw -- Was once a lead of our Prospect Report in Week 1, but he could be an even more impactful Scherzer-like arrival before the end of the month. Watch Esteban Loaiza closely.
  2. Homer Bailey and Jay Bruce -- Last week's lede. They are a package deal. Bailey comes and Bruce follows. Watch Matt Belisle and Corey Patterson very closely.
  3. Chris Volstad -- They should have gone to him instead of Burke Badenhop, but it's Volstad elite prospect status that actually held him back in that instance. They really want to be sure Volstad is ready. He looks like he could be.
  4. Adam Miller -- Started slow due to injury, but if he can get ready before Jake Westbrook returns in June, he could Jeremy Sowers Aaron Laffey. Jeremy Sowers is used as an adjective for stealing his rotation spot.
  5. Dallas McPherson -- 10 homers. Hello! He doesn't belong in Triple-A.
  6. Carlos Gonzalez -- A's rotation is doing great but that offense is punchless. Gonzalez is an answer for that.
  7. Chris Davis -- Masher is ready to assume the Rangers' everyday first baseman's role. Chris Shelton was called up in that role now, but Shelton will be out come June if he is not worthy. Davis has all-Fantasy league power potential -- albeit a tough position to crack in most Fantasy lineups. He could retain 3B eligibility in some leagues.
  8. Matt LaPorta -- Corner outfielder for a team that doesn't necessarily need one, but he is a masher from th 2007 draft who could be too good to ignore. Plus, he is on some kind of role right now. Stash in all deeper NL-only leagues where you have available reserve spots.
  9. Kyle Davies -- He is working on Brett Tomko's day and probably should have been in the Royals rotation out of spring training anyway.
  10. Radhames Liz -- Garrett Olson got the first look, but Liz has been hot after a slow start and should be watched closely in deeper AL-only formats for his potential to replace Steve Trachsel.

Good luck with your prospect fliers and remember the week-plus before June is a huge time for prospect movement.


Posted on: April 15, 2008 5:47 pm
Edited on: April 15, 2008 5:49 pm

Another prospect item

I said pick up Max Scherzer because of his hot start in the minors and his top contender in Arizona.

Now it is time to give you a hitter to track. Just look at the homer leaderboard on MinorLeagueBaseball.com. One Brandon Wood is at the top with six.

Oh, Wood is also playing shortstop. And Erick Aybar already has 4 errors. We don't need to remind you Maicer Izturis deserves to be a utility man.

When the Angels dealt Orlando Cabrera, they did it with the thought Izturis and Aybar could keep the position warm until Wood was ready. Well, he looks like it in the power department at least.

He will still strikeout a ton, but that power at that position is noteworthy, especially if you need a sleeper in deeper AL-only leagues.

A few notes:

  1. Watch Mike Pelfrey tonight vs. the Nats. The Mets need him to be full-go in their rotation -- Pedro Martinez (hamsting) and Orlando Hernandez (foot) likely won't return until June at this point. Pelfrey's mid-90s stuff could be awesome if he can command it. On a top contender, there is big-time sleeper potential here.
  2. Scherzer.
  3. Dallas McPherson has four homers in nine Triple-A games, including one in each of his first three games. He is also listed as an OF on MiLB.com. Interesting.
  4. Rafael Betancourt is finally a closer. Own him in all leagues until he proves otherwise unworthy.
  5. The Braves have three potential closers on the DL with Mike Gonzalez, Rafael Soriano and now Peter Moylan. Manny Acosta is the likely fill-in, but I am also putting in a claim on Will Ohman in a deeper NL-only Rotisserie league.


Posted on: March 5, 2008 3:04 pm

Sherrill is a closer and Trachsel is just a loser

FORT LAUDERDALE -- Marlins-O's, two of the worst teams in baseball but ones with plenty of opportunities for new talent, face off today. Steve Trachsel vs. Rick VandenHurk, capital H and no space. Curious to see VandenHurk in his bid for the fifth starter's spot.

-- Could do without seeing Trachsel. It took too pitches to confirm his status. Light-hitting Robert Andino launched a double to left that one-hopped the fence. A few batters later prospect Brett Carroll rolled the gap.

-- Carroll hit 22 homers in Triple-A last year and will head back there, but he is a guy you can see developing into a solid big leaguer -- perhaps at the age of 27 -- a la Cody Ross. Ross and Carroll have pop, although Carroll is much bigger, thicker and more upside long term. A check of the stat check: Carroll came into the day 5-for-8 with four RBI.

-- Luis Gonzalez, who once was slugging it out with Barry Bonds in 2001, is here today for the Marlins. He is now the veteran reserve role. Coincidentally, he blooped a single to center that reminded me of his '01 Series-winner off Mariano Rivera. Wow, that was a long time ago.

-- No Brian Roberts today. Saw him walking out of the clubhouse and heading home before the start of the game. No trade -- just a planned day off.

-- Nick Markakis is in the lineup -- a day after being angry about a minimum contract (much like Cole Hamels and Prince Fielder this spring). The 'Cake has a case. He is worth more in his pre-arbitration years. But I under the O's not wanting to pay him now, because they know they will have to overpay to keep him later.

-- Three flyouts for VandenHurk in the first. He is a flyball/strikeout pitcher, which works in roomy Dolphins Stadium. He is a guy I keep thinking more and more of this spring. He could be a sleeper in deeper NL-only leagues.

-- Jose Castillo is playing third today, a day after Dallas McPherson made his spring debut. McPherson is my pick to surprise this spring, but Castillo shouldn't be far behind. He has some pop for NL-only leagues, too, albeit far less than D-Mac. Castillo, whose only two hits thus far this spring are a homer and a double, is still young and the Pirates once thought he could develop into a 20-plus homer second baseman. Defense and Freddy Sanchez got in the way of him starting there. If the season started today, Castillo would probably start at third, but McPherson has some serious potential to make up ground in a hurry.

-- Melvin Mora robbed Castillo of a hit in the hole. Mora might not be a top 15 Fantasy third baseman anymore, but he still plays hard and plays every day. He crushed an Anthony Reyes pitch for a homer Tuesday. There will be worse third baseman than Mora picked in your league on Draft Day, but I wouldn't use anything more than a stopgap-type pick on him.

-- Mike Rabelo is catching for the Marlins today. When the Tigers dealt him to Florida, some thought it meant he might start. He is not fit to start. Matt Treanor likely will have that job. As I type that, Rabelo smacks a clean single to center. I only feel better amid my poor scouting skills because Trachsel is on the mound.

-- Aubrey Huff (sports hernia) is making his spring debut at DH. What happened to that guy? He once had so much potential. It is the curse of the Rays. Past and present players from that organization seem to be cursed.

-- VandenHurk picked Kevin Millar off first. What was Millar doing? Practicing his rundowns?

-- Dan Uggla walked! Stop the presses. If Uggla could make better contact and draw more walks, he would be the top Fantasy second baseman his power numbers suggest he should be.

-- Like Mora yesterday... I just thought: Carroll is going to run into one of these Trachsel offerings right here. If I am right, I am going to do this a lot more often. ... Damn. He tried... Just got under it. Flyout to center.

-- Adam Jones is sitting today with Tike Redman in center. The O's are even less watchable without the energy of Roberts and Jones.

-- Here's that Ross guy. If not for the elite talent of Cameron Maybin (idle today), I'd pick Ross to be the Marlins starting center fielder. He has a nice compact swing and power to go with it. If you are looking for an extra outfielder in deeper NL-only leagues, Ross is a nice pick. He forced Markakis to make a basket catch in deep right-center with two men on. With a more sluggish veteran in right, that would have been a two-run triple. The 'Cake can run.

-- VandenHurk is a tall, slender guy with good leverage. The Marlins could do a lot worse with him as their No. 5 starter. He allowed just one hit and a walk in three sharp innings. He pitched to just nine batters, picking Millar and Eider Torres off. Methinks he has a good pickoff move.

-- George Sherrill, potential closer, is in the game in the fourth for the O's. Closers pitch right after starters early in spring training, because they want to face the big league batters. Back in Black played over the PA when he came in. That must be his adopted schtick. It's a copycat league. Sherrill is a portly lefty, but he warmed up like his pants were on fire. He looked like a closer. Works from the stretch, standing turned toward right field instead of toward first base -- unorthodox. Popped the mitt pretty well and threw a big slow one to Castillo, who fouled it off. When he missed, it looked purposeful -- up and away. He got Castillo to fan on a fastball. He was popping the mitt with hard strikes early in the count. Closers have to do that. Flyout to right by Jason Wood. Two down. Rabelo, groundout. Hm.

-- Far more impressive than Jamie Walker and clearly has the edge on untested James Hoey. Dave Trembley is right. Sherrill is their closer. I have to update my projections on the O's relievers this afternoon. I had it split 50-50 between Sherrill and Walker. Downgrading Walker and bumping Sherrill up over 20 saves. Right now, my guess is Hoey sets up for Sherrill, with Walker serving a left-handed role in any innings needed. Chad Bradford is still around to submarine hitters in the latter innings, too.

-- One significant issue I noticed with Sherrill. His body type is not quite svelte. He could be an injury risk, capable of pulling any of his unshaped muscles at any time. If Hoey develops as the setup man, it could be likely we see him getting the save chances when Sherrill goes down. It will be a lot harder to take Walker out of a specialized lefty role.

-- Markakis is not a real big guy, but he sure can swing the bat. Of course, we all knew that already.

-- Jeremy Hermida, a Georgia prospect just like Markakis, looks similar in the box to Markakis. Hermida is bigger in the upper body -- very broad shoulders -- and has a more patient approach at the plate. The 'Cake is a sweeter swing, though.

-- Uggla swings hard. He almost separated both shoulders on a cut at a Bradford offering. Kidding about the injury. It just looked painfully hard. He queued one to right in the at-bat.


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