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Posted on: September 4, 2008 10:17 am

Video notes for Pitching Planner

-- Cubs have some injury woes. Big Z, Rich Harden... Are these guys toast for Fantasy purposes?
-- Another contender, the Angels, have some struggling starters. They are slotting Dustin Moseley in the rotation and moving back Jered Weaver. Are these guys in operation shutdown with the big lead in their division?
-- OK, we have some September call-ups making mess of rotations, are there some more on the way? Phil Hughes/Ian Kennedy/Price graphic
-- Who are the No. 5 starters for the Mets and Red Sox? Bartolo Colon graphic

Must-start, two-start pitcher
Clayton Kershaw LA
(09/08) @ SD Cha Seung Baek
(09/14) @ COL Livan Hernandez
59 percent owned 28 percent starting

Two-start pitcher to sit
Edwin Jackson TB
(09/08) @ BOS Jon Lester
(09/14) @ NYY Carl Pavano
54 percent owned 32 percent starting

Two-start sleepers
Anthony Reyes CLE
(09/10) @ BAL Chris Waters
(09/14) vs. KC Kyle Davies
37 percent owned 22 percent starting

Jeff Suppan MIL
(09/09) vs. CIN Josh Fogg
(09/14) @ PHI Joe Blanton
42 percent owned 31 percent starting


Posted on: July 10, 2008 10:52 am
Edited on: July 10, 2008 10:53 am

Video notes for Pitching Planner

-- There are no two-start pitchers. What do we do to set our lineups for the short Fantasy Week 16 (July 17-20)

-- Rich Harden dealt to Cubs, CC Sabathia dealt to Brewers ... which pitcher will have a bigger impact in the second half?
-- What are the A's going to do to replace Rich Harden? Sean Gallagher for now -- with red-hot Dallas Braden waiting in long relief -- but what about prospects Gio Gonzalez, Trevor Cahill and Brett Anderson?
-- Who are the next big starting pitchers to go? A.J. Burnett and Erik Bedard ... it looks like it could be more AL to NL

-- Red Sox reshuffle with Justin Masterson moving to relief. Do we jump on Clay Buchholz or is he merely holding the spot for Bartolo Colon (back)?
-- The Marlins are reworking their rotation, slotting Josh Johnson and Chris Volstad and perhaps getting Anibal Sanchez back July 28.
-- Some other second-half returnees: Adam Wainwright, Brad Penny, Fausto Carmona, Chris R. Young, Chien-Ming Wang, Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Jason Schmidt, Mike Hampton, Carl Pavano, Chris Carpenter, Sergio Mitre, Orlando Hernandez, Kelvim Escobar


Posted on: May 29, 2008 9:07 am

Video notes for the Pitching Planner

This week's notes for the Pitching Planner video

-- Joba needed in rotation now
-- Pedro Martinez returns to Mets rotation
-- Dice-K hurt, what's Boston to do? Ho-Hum... Buchholz and Masterson are ready
-- Woah, David Price is pretty good, eh?

Must-start, two-start pitcher
Oliver Perez NYM
(06/02) @ SF Jonathan O. Sanchez
(06/08) @ SD Wil Ledezma 
87 percent owned 57 percent starting

Two-start pitcher to avoid
Joba Chamberlain NYY
(06/03) vs. TOR Roy Halladay 
(06/08) vs. KC Zack Greinke 
90 percent owned 45 percent starting

Two-start sleepers
Tim Wakefield BOS
(06/03) vs. TB Matt Garza 
(06/08) vs. SEA Erik Bedard 
38 percent starting 20 percent owned

Clay Buchholz or Justin Masterson BOS
(06/02) @ BAL Jeremy Guthrie 
(06/07) vs. SEA Miguel Batista
Buchholz 47 percent owned 7 percent starting
Masterson 6 percent owned 1 percent starting


Posted on: May 15, 2008 10:53 am

Video notes for Pitching Planner

Another week of anticipation for Kershaw...

-- Brett Myers booed off mound in Philly. Prefers to close, but needs to correct himself before he wrecks himself.
-- John Lackey returned spectacularly. It's like he never left. He is a must-start two-start pitcher.
-- Red Sox No. 5 starter with Clay Buchholz out? Colon or Masterson
-- Dodgers No. 5? Kershaw might get call May 27 ...
-- Homer Bailey could also arrive as teams tend to follow top prospects up the chain around June 1 before the draft

Two-start pitcher to use
Mike Mussina NYY
(05/20) vs. BAL Daniel Cabrera 
(05/25) vs. SEA Carlos Silva
64 percent owned 45 percent started

Two-start pitcher to sit
Daniel Cabrera BAL
(05/20) @ NYY Mike Mussina 
(05/25) @ TB James Shields
67 percent owned 36 percent starting

Two-start sleepers
Luke Hochevar KC
(05/19) @ BOS TBA 
(05/24) @ TOR Jesse Litsch
26 percent owned 13 percent started

Manny Parra MIL
(05/20) @ PIT Paul Maholm 
(05/25) @ WAS Tim Redding
24 percent owned 11 percent starting

One of these two will get two starts:
Mike Pelfrey NYM
(05/20) @ ATL Tom Glavine
(05/25) @ COL Jorge De La Rosa
23 percent owned 10 percent starting

Claudio Vargas NYM
(05/20) @ ATL Chuck James
(05/25) @ COL Jorge De La Rosa
14 percent owned 7 percent starting

Posted on: May 14, 2008 6:48 pm

Master of his domain

With the DL assignment of the struggling Clay Buchholz, the Red Sox need a No. 5 starter. Bartolo Colon won't be ready, so early next week it could be Justin Masterson coming back to the majors.

Masterson has struggled back in Double-A, but his one-start audition was very impressive. He was throwing frisbee sliders and earned himself the designation as the defacto No. 6 starter. Take a flier on Masterson in all deeper leagues.

Another prospect note on an elite pitching prospect: Clayton Kershaw's promotion might be delayed after his shaky start in Double-A on Monday. The Dodgers need a No. 5 starter Saturday, May 17, but then they can skip the No. 5 spot again until May 27.

So, May 27 is a more likely date of Kershaw's call-up at this point, according to MiLB.com.

Interesting May 27 ... in time for a two-start week and just before June 1 -- when we expect the next big wave of prospects to be called up.

Jay Bruce and Homer Bailey should also arrive before June 1 at this point.

-- Thomas Hanson was promoted to Double-A and dazzled again. He could make a serious impact with the rotation-needy Braves in the second half. Or even before?

-- A less prospect-heavy note: Mike Hessman has 17 homers in Triple-A. The minor league journeyman has pop and could help the Tigers in a pinch at some point soon.


Posted on: March 3, 2008 1:22 pm

Back to work...

The games started late last week and I was able to catch three games in four days: Marlins-O's on Thursday in Fort Lauderdale, Cardinals-Mets on Friday in Port St. Lucie and Twins-Red Sox in Fort Myers on Sunday. A lot of driving. This week it will be all Fort Lauderdale, all the time... Cards-O's on Tuesday, Marlins-O's on Wednesday, Red Sox-O's on Friday and Mets-O's on Saturday. Busy week.

Mets-Braves on SNY right now. Will have that going as I catch up on the weekend news I missed while driving the highways of South Florida.

A few notes from the Red Sox-Twins on Sunday:

-- Big Papi and Manny look like they are in good shape. I was expecting them to have a lazy winter after a title. They look as motivated as ever, especially Manny amid a potential walk year.

-- Clay Buchholz was rocked, while Tim Wakefield was solid. That is significant because Bartolo Colon is now in the fold and he could be someone the Red Sox go with over Buchholz, while Curt Schilling (shoulder) is out. Watch Buchholz closely at this point. I was planning on putting him as a decliner in the Stockwatch this week even before his performance. If Colon is healthy, the Red Sox wouldn't hestitate to open Buchholz in the minors, I'd assume.

-- Denard Span is more live in the center field mix for the Twins than you might think.

-- Might this be Jason Kubel's year? Perhaps, but I have thought that for years.

-- Stephen King is a scary dude. I would think homeless person if I didn't know he was famous and real rich.

Also, a leftover from the Mets-Cardinals on Friday:

Orlando Hernandez is really behind at this point and Mike Pelfrey is looking strong in the fifth starter's competition. I definitely can see El Duque opening on the DL -- especially since the Mets won't need a No. 5 starter until March 12.

"I am not feeling 100 percent," El Duque said Friday, dealing with a bunion problem on his foot and a neck strain. A reporter wished him luck in his recovery and he responded with a smile: "Thanks, I am going to need it."

Consider Pelfrey another riser and El Duque another faller.


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